The Mandalorian: Gina Carano claims to have been “harassed” by Disney

Fired from The Mandalorian following comments deemed unacceptable by Lucasfilm, Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune in the Star Wars series, returned to this case and claims to have been “harassed” by Disney.

The mandalorian: gina carano claims to have been "harassed" by disney
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Thanked by Lucasfilm following his controversial comments posted on social networks judged “odious and unacceptable”, Gina Carano had to say goodbye to the character of Cara Dune in the series The Mandalorian. When announcing her dismissal, the actress and former MMA champion revealed that she was already working on a film project with Ben Shapiro, a journalist and conservative polemicist who co-founded the Republican news site The Daily Wire.

Today, Gina Carano returned to this affair in an interview with Ben Shapiro, available on Youtube. She explains that she was intimidated by Disney whom she accuses of “unwarranted harassment”: “You know how boxers aim for the head? Sometimes they forget to hit the body. I feel like at Disney or Lucasfilm, whatever, some people got a hold of me and shoved my head away while I wasn’t. know how many months. I felt it “.

Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian: she responds to the controversy and announces a new project

In this interview, the actress claims that she had learned of an email revealing that she had been watched for some time by Disney and Lucasfilm, given that she had on several occasions been at the heart of controversies following controversial social media posts. Gina Carano even had a conversation with a media communications manager so that she understood how to manage her image in the media. According to a source who spoke to the Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm “had been looking for a reason to fire her for two months, and that was the last straw today.”

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The actress, also thanked by her artistic agency, knew that she was on probation: “I knew they were watching me. I was ready to get fired anytime because I’ve seen this kind of thing happen before. I saw the expression on their faces and I have seen the harassment that has taken hold in this environment “. According to Gina Carano, she would not be the only person to have “suffered harassment” and to have “been targeted” by Disney.

For the moment, no representative of Disney or Lucasfilm has reacted to these accusations. What we know, according to a source from Hollywood Reporteris that the actress will not be replaced in the Star Wars series. It would therefore seem that the character of Cara Dune is no longer present in The Mandalorian, nor in Rangers of The New Republic, the spin-off in which the actress was to star.

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