The man I condemned on M6: what is this thriller from the creators of Profilage? …

Remained more than two years in the boxes, the series “The man I condemned”, written by the creators of “Profiling”, arrives this evening on M6. An effective thriller with Ophélia Kolb, Stanley Weber, and Frédéric Diefenthal (“Here everything begins”).

What is it about ?

Designated to be a juror in a criminal trial, Inès, a 40-year-old nurse, helps convict the accused, a man with a violent past. At the end of the trial she is seized with a terrible doubt: what if she had just sent an innocent person behind bars?

Tuesday December 7 at 9:05 p.m. on M6, and already available on Salto

An effective judicial thriller with Ophélia Kolb, Stanley Weber, and Frédéric Diefenthal

Written by Fanny Robert and Sophie Lebarbier, the duo of screenwriters to whom we owe the successful TF1 Profilage series, and directed by Laure de Butler (La Promesse), The Man I Condemned plunges Ophélia Kolb into a fatal gear rich in suspense, far from the brighter roles she played in On going to love a little much or Ten percent. Alongside a nice cast including Stanley Weber, Frédéric Diefenthal (Here everything begins), Robinson Stévenin, Raphaël Ferret, and Alexandra Roth.

It all started when 40-year-old Inès was appointed as a jury juror in the murder trial of Jimmy Breyer (Stanley Weber), an enigmatic man accused of having killed his neighbor. All the members of the jury vote on Breyer’s guilt, but once the verdict has been rendered, Inès meets the eyes of the accused’s son. And, therefore, all his certainties begin to waver. What if she had just sent an innocent man behind bars? If she had just unfairly separated a father from his 8-year-old son, whom he would not see grow up?

With the help of Charlie (Lucile Marquis), a private detective with a strong character, Inès will then start her own counter-investigation, which will lead her much further than she thinks. Even if it means taking all the risks? For her and her own family?

The man i condemned on m6: what is this thriller from the creators of profilage? ...
Cecile Rogue / M6

“I was never a juror, and I think I would look for solutions not to go if it happened to me (laughs)”, Ophélia Kolb admits amused when asked what she liked about the scenario of The Man I Condemned. “But it pleased me precisely to approach it through fiction. And then, in life, I am full of doubts, all the time, for any subject. And for Inès, it is is even more than that, since its doubts are squarely its driving force “.

“She’s a character who never stops, who doesn’t settle for a single answer. She digs always more, always further. I found that very beautiful. And then I adored all the characters. around. And in particular the duo with the private detective, which is brilliant. These are two women who oppose but also complement each other. Charlie is sparkling, very solar, full of energy, and she pushes Inès to find solutions. completely shakes her up and makes her move forward “.

Embodied by the revelation Lucile Marquis, who sparks throughout the four episodes of this mini-series, Charlie is one of the pleasant surprises of The Man I Condemned, which should delight fans of breathtaking TV thrillers. , despite a few heavy strings and a somewhat disappointing end.

However, we will have to stay up late enough to discover the outcome of this whole story since M6 has decided to offer all four episodes of the series during one and the same evening. A surprising decision but which is probably explained by the recent audience failures encountered by the channel in terms of French series, with They were ten and Save Lisa.

The new obsession of the creators of Profilage

Shot more than two and a half years ago, in the spring of 2019, in the region of Sète and Montpellier, The Man I Condemned germinated in the heads of its two writers following a very special experience lived by Sophie Lebarbier: his first participation in an assize court.

“Fanny and I have been writing together for 15 years. And it turns out that I was called up some time ago to be a juror. And it’s an experience that deeply marked me. So I obviously did. spoke with Fanny, to whom I have been telling everything for years. And the impact that this had on me logically gave birth to the desire to make a fiction out of it and to try to draw a dramatic thread “, explains Sophie Lebarbier.

“While we lead a fairly protected life as a screenwriter and we have been telling detective stories for years, we find ourselves in front of real police officers, in a real court, with a real defendant, who will really go to jail. on the simple basis that you are a French citizen, you are asked to take an active part in the decision concerning the sentence of this accused. It is the irruption of the real in a life which was rather protected from it until now. really challenged us that it fell on me. And from there, we started to imagine a story that could echo all that “.

The man i condemned on m6: what is this thriller from the creators of profilage? ...
Cecile Rogue / M6

Hence this intrigue, between thriller and judicial thriller, which sees an ordinary woman embarking on a quest for the truth which will completely blow up her life and confront her with dangers that she does not even suspect. “We started from this starting point: it can happen to anyone”, continues Fanny Robert, the other thinking head of The Man I Condemned.

“And so we imagined this woman who has her life baggage, who has the impression of being the master of things. We needed someone with a certain humanity, so that viewers identify with each other. And we wanted to show that anyone can fall into a gear that is totally beyond him. The idea was that the gear of the trial was going to press on things very deeply buried in Inès’ unconscious and what that was going to generate a lot of overcame in his life. Until everything exploded “.

If Sophie Lebarbier and Fanny Robert somewhat abandon the pure (and procedural) thriller which made the success of Profiling to venture more here in the genre of the thriller, with this heroine who is also the own victim of the story, the two screenwriters continue to explore one of their favorite themes, the unconscious, since Inès’ meeting with Breyer’s son will bring back childhood memories in the character of Ophélia Kolb.

“The unconscious is our obsession. We will write about it all our life”, admits Sophie Lebarbier. And it should still be a question in the next police series of the duo, Vise le coeur, which should be broadcast during the first half of 2022 on TF1. With Claire Keim and Lannick Gautry in the main roles of two cops who have loved and torn each other for decades. And explore, between past and present, childish terrors, adult nightmares, and monsters that are not always what you think. An entire program.

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