The Lost Symbol: The Da Vinci Code prequel reveals itself through a trailer – news series on tv

Soon available on the American platform Peacock, “The Lost Symbol” is the serial adaptation of the eponymous novel by Dan Brown which follows a young Robert Langdon, a few years before “The Da Vinci Code”.

Five years later Inferno by Ron Howard, who directed Robert Langdon’s latest film adventures, the famous professor returns to the small screen. Entitled The Lost Symbol, the series adapts the third opus of Dan Brown’s pentalogy, published in 2009. The program goes in another direction and takes some liberties by situating its plot before the events of Da Vinci Code with a younger hero.

Formerly embodied by Tom Hanks, the genius of Harvard is this time played by Ashley Zukerman, visible in Succession and more recently in the mini-series A Teacher. As in all of Dan Brown’s stories, The Lost Symbol will mix the mystery with an assassination committed by an evil conspiracy organization which will engage this new Robert Langdon in yet another part of the cat and the mouse.

At the controls of this series, which does not yet know an online date in France as in the United States, viewers will find the producers Dan Dworkin and Jay beattie, who had both collaborated on Scream for the MTV channel.

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