The Lord of the Rings: when Elijah Wood (Frodo) got trapped in a fake interview

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In 2003, during the promotion of the “Return of the King”, Dominic Monaghan had fun to trap his sidekick Elijah Wood (Frodo) by pretending to be a German journalist with indiscreet questions to say the least.

When Dominic Monaghan, interpreter of the hobbit Merry in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, played Raphaël Mezrahi in front of his sidekick Elijah Wood …

In 2003, in full promotion of Return of the King (third and last installment of the saga), while the interpreter of Frodo answered questions from journalists in New York, his teammate actually had the idea to trap him by posing as a German interviewer with singular behavior.

Armed with an accent to cut with a knife and a list of questions more quirky than the others, Monaghan therefore questioned Elijah Wood from a distance, without revealing his face and contenting himself with modifying his voice so as not to be recognized. .

More and more disturbed by the subjects approached by the “journalist” (electro music, wigs or even Flipper the dolphin), the interpreter of Frodo ended up cracking and leaving in an uncontrollable laughter, tenfold when he discovered that this strange German journalist was none other than his comedian friend.

The video, particularly gratifying for any Lord of the Rings fan, was finally added to the film’s bonuses, testifying to the good humor that was undoubtedly to reign between all the actors on the set of the famous trilogy.

(Re) discover the blunders and mistakes of the “Return of the King” …

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