The Lord of the Rings: this scene from the Two Towers was censored during its TV show

The Lord of the Rings: this scene from the Two Towers was censored during its TV show

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American television had a fairly specific requirement for the broadcast of “Two Towers”, asking that an element of a scene be censored, according to director Peter Jackson.

New Line Cinema

One of the Lord of the Rings episodes has been censored! This is what Peter Jackson confirms in the audio commentary for the long version of The Two Towers, the second opus of the trilogy he dedicated to Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.

The filmmaker recalls that for the scene where Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas find an Orcas pyre, some did not like the violence of the scene and requested that the original film be censored so that it could be shown on a channel. american :

Weta was asked to film a helmet and layer it on top of the severed head, which was deemed too shocking by American television. (…) A head planted on a stake is three times nothing!

New Line Cinema

The uncensored scene

So there is a version of this shot in which the Uruk-hai wears a helmet to lessen the visual effect of piercing the creature’s skull. As for the stake next to the stake, it did not shock anyone, but was complicated to set up, as the chief decorator Grant Major testifies:

“In this setting, you could neither dig nor light fires. As you can see, there is a funeral pyre that had to be erected with care, with smoke machines on the ground, as well as real flames. On the ground, we protected the grass to satisfy the protection of the heritage. “

With this stake, the technical team therefore respected the New Zealand territory used as a base for the filming at the time, as will also be the case for The Hobbit and the first series from Tolkien’s universe, currently in filming. , The most expensive from the history of television.

Orcs and Uruk-kai hold a good place in our worst “dirty mouths” in Middle-earth!

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