The Lord of the Rings: the scene impossible to adapt in The Fellowship of the Ring according to Peter Jackson

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A scene from the book “The Fellowship of the Ring” by JRR Tolkien was impossible to adapt according to Peter Jackson. Find out what this passage was and why the New Zealand filmmaker quickly abandoned the idea of ​​bringing it to the screen.

With the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, New Zealand director Peter Jackson has taken on the extraordinary challenge of adapting the awe-inspiring work of JRR Tolkien. And was able to derive great satisfaction from this experience: that of having been able to transpose on the big screen the most important moments of the novels.

“It was fabulous to be able to take the great moments of the book, like the description of Grand-Pas, sitting in the shadows, and to transpose them as they are on the screen, to faithfully put the book in images”, says the director in the audio commentary of the long version of The Fellowship of the Ring. “As much as certain passages had to be modified, so many were able to be taken again without changing anything.”

There is, however, a scene from the book The Fellowship of the Ring that Peter Jackson could not bring himself to film. A scene which precisely features the character of the prowler Grand-Pas, better known under the name of Aragorn.

“There is a passage from the book that I knew could not be adapted to the screen”, says the New Zealander. “This is the almost iconic moment when Grand-Pas pulls out the Broken Sword. The audience would have burst out laughing. The hero takes his sword out of the scabbard and he only has half of it. The audience would laugh. , especially if he hadn’t read the book. There was no way it would work on the screen. So we gave up on the idea. “

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