The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King: those battles you'll never see in the movie

In addition to the epic clashes we witness in “The Return of the King”, several other great battles could have taken place in the third installment of the famous trilogy.

The formidable landing of Osgiliath, the mythical Battle of the Fields of Pelennor, crowned by the legendary Charge of Rohan, the ultimate clash between the Free Peoples of Middle-earth and the armies of Sauron in front of the Gate of Mordor …

In 4 hours of film, the third and final installment of The Lord of the Rings does not lack epic and spectacular battles. Yet, as rich and dense as Peter Jackson’s film adaptation may be, the original work shaped by JRR Tolkien in 1955 is even more so.

Indeed, as the New Zealand filmmaker specifies in the audio commentary of the Return of the King, the conflict that shakes Middle-earth in this final chapter could have largely gone beyond the borders of Gondor and looked like a real “world war”:

“The 3rd volume is marked by events that we had thought to include in our scenario: a wave of assaults in various places of Middle-earth”, explains Peter Jackson. “At this point Lothlorien, where Galadriel resides, is under attack, and the Elves must repel the Orcs’ assaults. The northern mountains, home of the Dwarves, are also under attack. The war is all-out as Sauron attacks on multiple fronts.”

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As the director confides, The king’s return could therefore have included at least two other battles, among the Elves of Lorien and among the Dwarves. An option that also attracted the filmmaker, but that he finally decided to dismiss in order to focus on the protagonists of the story:

“The idea was very appealing, because of its spectacular side, and I would have liked to show that in the film. But it was much more profitable to stay focused on the main point of impact, namely Minas Tirith. The city. is attacked and we must succeed in defending it. That is the stake. If we show other conflicts, we must then take an interest in them. What is happening in Lorien? do they come out of it? “

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For the sake of clarity, Peter Jackson has therefore decided not to shoot these two additional battles, which we imagine however sensational. Also in the audio commentary of the film, the director ends the subject by joking about the possibility of adding the sequences in question in the 25 years edition:

“The Elves don’t get old, let’s hope the actors who play them do the same.”, he jokes.

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