The Lord of the Rings: the homage of Peter Jackson to the animated film of the 70s

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Did you know that a very specific shot from “The Fellowship of the Ring” paid homage to Ralph Bakshi’s animated film adapted from Tolkien? We reveal which one!

If Peter Jackson had not discovered the animated film The Lord of the Rings, he might never have devoured Tolkien’s literary work afterwards and therefore would not likely have given birth to the famous film trilogy that the ‘we know. No wonder then that the New Zealand filmmaker has slipped into The Fellowship of the Ring, the first opus in his saga, a small tribute to Ralph Bakshi’s film.

Peter Jackson’s tribute to the animated version of The Lord of the Rings comes down to a brief shot at the start of the film, during Bilbo’s party, when Bilbo gives his speech. Briefly, the spectator can discover the hobbit Odo Fierpied the toes in a fan with a plan almost identical to that of the film made at the end of the 70s.

The lord of the rings: the homage of peter jackson to the animated film of the 70s

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“I discovered Lord of the Rings through the 1978 cartoon. Although it was very different from our movie, I wanted a shot to pay homage to it, because this animated version made me want to read the book. “, says Peter Jackson in the audio commentary for the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring. “This is the shot where you see Master Fierpied. I kept the same angle as in the cartoon.” The proof below.

The lord of the rings: the homage of peter jackson to the animated film of the 70s

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Played on the screen by the late Noel Appleby, the hobbit Odo Fierpied, cousin of Bilbo, has the particularity of having very large and very hairy feet. His participation in The Fellowship of the Ring is furtive: reprimanded by his wife for savoring Gandalf’s fireworks display, he then appears in the famous scene from Bilbo’s feast.

We will also see the character of Odo Fierpied in The Return of the King. First watching Frodo and his friends return to the Shire, then quickly to the inn at the Green Dragon Inn.

The trailer for the animated film “The Lord of the Rings”:

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