The Lord of the Rings: Did the Rings of Power appear in the films of Peter…

The “Rings of Power” series adapted from JRR Tolkien’s Middle-earth begins on September 2, but are these magic objects the same as those seen in The Lord of the Rings? And are they related to the One Ring?

Whereas The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power begins on September 2 on Prime Video, a look back at the origin of these rings, from their creation to their power. For this, AlloCiné spoke with Romain Beis, manager of the LeStream channel on Twitch and founder of the Le Grand Pop site, specialist in Middle-earth:

When we speak of a ring of power in Tolkien’s universe, we think of any object endowed with magic. On the other hand, “The Rings of Power” refer to twenty great rings.

“We know their number”he continues. “It is even the prophecy, the original text of The Lord of the Rings: it is what is written on the One Ring, ‘three for the Elves, nine for the Humans, seven for the dwarves and one for the Lord of the rings’, in this case Sauron (…).”

Who created the rings?

“He is an Elf named Celebrimbor, who originally forged most of the rings. He is aided by a mysterious character named Annatar, who introduces himself as ‘the lord of gifts’ He’s someone with an angelic face, a kind of devilish beauty. It’s not a spoiler, it’s Sauron in disguise who’s going to explain how to forge those great rings of power to lay a trap since behind, he will forge a ring that dominates them all… except three, the three rings of the Elves (…).”

The lord of the rings: did the rings of power appear in the films of peter...
Amazon Prime Video

“To see how the dwarven sciences will mix with this to create the Rings of power, managed in the shadows by a hidden Sauron, that’s all we want to understand and see and who will give behind all his aura to the Lord rings.”

What powers do they have?

The rings of Elves, Humans and Dwarves slow the effects of time. Except that Sauron implanted a vice inside: all these rings are subject to the one Ring, the one that appears in The Lord of the Rings. The effect of this vice is through corruption. Romain Beis explains:

  • “On Dwarves who are hard to bribe, it’s not going to have that effect but rather act on their thirst for gold and their urge to accumulate wealth, and drive them into a sort of madness by reinforcing the protectionist spirit that they naturally.
  • “The Humans, easier to corrupt, will be totally subjected to the will of Sauron and will become the Nazgûl, including the Witch King who is the most illustrious.”
The lord of the rings: did the rings of power appear in the films of peter...
Amazon Prime Video
  • “The three of the Elves are the most interesting because they are the only ones that were forged by Celebrimbor without Sauron being involved. They are associated with three elements: air, water and fire with associated magical abilities Gandalf will inherit the Ring of Fire, Galadriel the Ring of Air, and Elrond the Ring of Water.”
  • “The One Ring, as we have seen, renders invisible but above all corrupts the spirit, and in particular the forces of Good, and dominates the other rings.”

Five seasons are planned for The Rings of Power, which leaves ample time for the creators of the series to explore all these themes, these powers and this latent and destructive corruption. No doubt, the atmosphere will be rather dark.

Get ready for September 2, when you’ll see the first two episodes exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

The lord of the rings: did the rings of power appear in the films of peter...

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