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Season 3 of “Small Murders of Agatha Christie”, a new episode of which is broadcast tonight on France 2, will now offer completely original stories, and no longer inspired by novels. Producer Sophie Révil explains this choice.

A few months after the broadcast of the musical episode that ended season 2, The Little Murders of Agatha Christie is back on France 2 for a new season 3 which now takes place in the 1970s and follows the adventures of ‘a new trio of investigators made up of Commissioner Annie Gréco (Emilie Gavois-Kahn), Inspector Max Beretta (Arthur Dupont), and psychologist Rose Bellecour (Chloé Chaudoye). And if the revival of this new version passes above all by its time and its characters, changes have also been made in the way of conceiving the plots since, with the exception of the first, the episodes of season 3 are no longer adapted from successful novels by Agatha Christie.

Indeed, if “La Nuit qui ne finit”, broadcast last Friday on France 2, is freely inspired by the eponymous novel by the British novelist, “La Chambre noire”, the second episode of the season, offered this evening at 9:05 pm on la Deux, is an original story written “in the style of”. A process that had so far only been tested on two of the 27 episodes of the previous season: “The Christmas Crime” in 2017, and “A corpse at breakfast”, the musical final broadcast on October 16. And which will now generalize over the rest of the series. Because the producer Sophie Révil had the feeling of having gone to the end of Agatha Christie’s novels and wanted to take the series elsewhere, and in particular towards more humor. “We had come to the end of the novels. We did 38 episodes in all over the first two seasons. And Agatha Christie wrote 66 novels. But there are all the ones that we can’t adapt, like The Crime of the Orient-Express. And those which are too complicated to adapt. And then there is also the fact that, as the characters and the comedy took up more and more space, we ended up keeping only the mechanics of the novels. Which is not nothing, because the mechanics of Agatha are just brilliant. But we bought each book very expensive in order, in the end, not to keep much of it. “.

The little murders of agatha christie: why season 3 no longer adapts the crime queen novels - news series on tv

Caroline Dubois / FTV

In order to continue in the vein of the musical episode which marked the farewells of Samuel Labarthe, Blandine Bellavoir, and Elodie Frenck to their characters, Sophie Révil therefore contacted James Prichard, the great-grandson of Agatha Christie, who as the heir has kept an eye on The Little Murders since the series launched in 2009. And she asked him for permission to now write completely original stories, conceived in the spirit of the works of the British novelist. “We are very close to James Pritchard, who loves the series”, explains the producer to whom we also owe They Were Ten, the M6 ​​miniseries directed by Pascal Laugier from the eponymous cult novel. “So we went to see him and we said to him ‘We should give us more freedom. Let’s adapt, like the Sherlock series, from the work of Agatha Christie. “So we decided to use some mechanics, because we know them all by heart now. It could concern the alibi, or a victim who in reality is the murderer. And James Prichard said yes. Which is still extraordinary. Because, first of all, we are the only series in the world to adapt Agatha Christie without her characters of Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple. And now we is also the only series to create new stories based on the work of Agatha Christie. Even the English don’t. “.

Sophie Révil thus assures us: “The Night That Never Ends is the only episode to be adapted from an Agatha Christie novel this season”. After eleven years and nearly 40 episodes spent adapting “freely” the works of the novelist, including ABC vs. Poirot, Unwanted witness, The Pale Horse, or Zero Hour, a page therefore turns for The Small Murders of Agatha Christie. Who after the first “original” survey of season 3, broadcast this evening, will soon return to France 2 with at least four other episodes, already in the box or currently in filming.

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