Meet The Little Mermaid: Denmark’s Unparalleled Iconic Landmark

Meet The Little Mermaid: Denmark’s Unparalleled Iconic Landmark


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, attracts tourists from all over the world as it is one of the most attractive cities that is full of art and culture all displayed in the form of heritage sites, properties and sculptures. One of these, more than a century old, is the statue of the Little Mermaid, sitting longingly on a rock with a granite base on the coast of Langelinie in the old district of Nyhavn near the port. Attracting over 5 million visitors, this iconic statue holds the record for being the most photographed attraction in Copenhagen.

Historical significance of the little mermaid

Historical significance of the little mermaid

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However, a famous brewer named Carl Jacobson of Carlsberg was certainly so impressed by his participation in a ballet based on one such fairy tale – The Little Mermaid, that he commissioned a skilled sculptor – Edward Eriksson to create a statue of the same. Assigned work. He later gifted this masterpiece to the city of Copenhagen. This statue of the Little Mermaid has since been installed on a rock on the shore of Langelinie Quay in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The original fairy tale was written by a Danish author named Hans Christian Andersen, and Carles Jacobson was fascinated not only by the ballerina but also by the Little Mermaid story. When he presented the statue as a tribute to the city of Copenhagen, it soon became a symbol representing the city. Apparently, there was a trend at that time to decorate public places with historical statues. This bronze statue was inaugurated on 23 August 1913 and in 2013 it became a century-old statue which created history by attracting innumerable visitors from all over the world.

Best time to visit The Little Mermaid

Best time to visit The Little Mermaid

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The weather inside and around the statue is generally cool, so summer is the ideal time to visit this place, also, it gets crowded as the day progresses, so it is also advisable to visit early in the morning So that one can avoid getting hit in the crowd. Selfie. As the name suggests, the Little Mermaid statue is literally very small, so often, many tourists who are not aware of its origins and background are a little disappointed by the size of the statue.

little mermaid statue facts

The Little Mermaid Facts

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appearance: The Little Mermaid is a work of art that was created by renowned sculptor Edward Erickson, who created it from bronze and installed it on a granite base on top of a cliff. It is a 4 feet tall statue weighing 175 kg, staring into the void with an element of sadness all around. This statue is a beautiful statue with two tails, which is the only contradiction to the story of the Little Mermaid, in which the mermaid only had one tail.

Conception Story: Ellen Price was the ballerina who inspired Carl to sculpt the Little Mermaid, so when she modeled for the face, sculptor Edward Erickson asked his wife Aline to model for the rest of the body.

Fable: As legend has it, there was a mermaid who sought eternal life for her soul, but she falls in love with a prince and then she gives up everything for him. It is believed that she swims from the bottom of the sea to the top twice a day to meet her prince, once in the morning and also once in the evening. Another story doing the rounds is that the existing statue in Copenhagen is a copy, while the original has been hidden in a secret location by the Ericsson heirs.

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The Little Mermaid Trivia

The Little Mermaid Trivia

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Replicas of this sculptural beauty have been displayed all over the world, where the count of these exquisite pieces goes up to 14. While Brazil, Romania, Spain and America are some of the countries that can claim the presence of copies of this figure. The Little Mermaid statue is the most popular at Disney. However, at Disney, it was made of fabric glass and was located in the Walt Disney Studios Scenic Shop. When the film with the same title was released, it attracted a lot of attention.

As the statue was gaining a lot of attention, a lot of protesters also came and several unsuccessful attempts were made to completely destroy this piece of artistic beauty. While some miscreants beheaded him thrice, his hand was also chopped off once. The head was reattached and so was the hand. There is still a mark of sabotage on the neck.

The vandalism at The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen reached its peak when some vandals attempted to blow up the entire statue with gunpowder; Even paint was spilled on it repeatedly. However, this rock solid mermaid endured it all and today, fully restored, enjoys the admiration of countless visitors.

Places near The Little Mermaid

Tourists come to the port to click photographs with this beauty and enjoy its mesmerizing effect. But they also like to visit the following places near the famous statue

1. Langellini Marina

Langellini Marina

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You may be one of the millions of tourists who head straight to the promenade called Langelinie Marina, which adjoins the port where the statue is located. The park itself is very fresh and beautiful. So apart from taking selfies with the little mermaid statue, visiting this promenade is also a very attractive option. It is also an excellent junction to enjoy spectacular views of the large ships arriving in the city daily.

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2. Canal Cruise from Nyhavn or Ved Stranden

Canal cruise from Newhaven or from the beach

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An unusual way of sightseeing close to the statue would be to take a boat trip for a duration of one hour from the main port to the other connecting canals. A glimpse of ancient palaces and other heritage sites can be had while boarding a boat from Nyhavn or Ved Stranden. Segway tours or bike tours are also in trend these days, but the easiest way to reach this place is to either walk the rocky path to Nyhavn or ride the bus number 26.

3. Palace

castellate view

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Close to the coast in Langelinie is one of the most attractive castles by the name of Castellet. The most unique feature of this heritage site is that it is star shaped. This place is famous in Northern Europe for its good maintenance. It also receives its fair share of tourists, as it becomes a popular picnic spot not only for citizens but also for foreigners. Are you interested in the history of Copenhagen, then including this place for a casual outing in your itinerary is a must.

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4. Gefion Fountain

gefion fountain

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Another interesting tourist spot in the neighborhood of the Little Mermaid is the famous Gefion Fountain. It is a magnificent piece of artwork and a visual treat for architecture enthusiasts as it is not just a fountain but on top of it is a statue of the Norse goddess Gefjun, who is believed to be responsible for separating Sweden and the island of Zealand. Is. Barely a few hundred steps away from the port it is an excellent venue for organizing small events.

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5. Genetically modified mermaid

modified mermaid

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As you walk along Langelinie Alley you can actually see another version of the mermaid a little further on which is also known as the contemporary ‘sister’. This ‘Genetically Modified Mermaid’ is the work of a Danish artist named Bjorn Nørgaard and is an integral part of a larger group of sculptures. Unlike the original statue, it is more sculpted and looks more like a Picasso.

While the list of sightseeing in and around Langelinie Harbor is endless, certain must-see places like The Royal Danish Playhouse, Amalienborg Palace- the royal residence etc. come up along the way. There are also wonderful views of the city’s contemporary opera house on the other side of the canal.

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How to reach The Little Mermaid?

how to reach the little mermaid

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The famous statue of the Little Mermaid on Copenhagen’s waterfront is about 1.9 miles (3 km) north-east of central Copenhagen and is relatively easy to reach on foot. There are many paths and routes to reach this beautiful site. The most interesting way is to take one of the hop-on-hop-off tours that land you right next to the statue. There are many other walking tours or canal tours that can also be done by boats.

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As a Copenhagen icon, this statue of the Little Mermaid attracts millions of people around the world and although it has been vandalized several times, it has kept its spirit of resilience alive, so tourists who love to visit this place , they are amazed not only by the physicality of this figure but also by the enchanting feeling in the air. Should you be planning a trip to Europe, including a visit to this Little Mermaid will definitely add to your itinerary.

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