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How did Scar, Simba’s Machiavellian uncle, inherit his scar and his nickname? Back to 3 different explanations for the mysterious gash.

A long black mane, a venomous smile, two big green eyes… and a horrible gash across the left pupil. If the evil Scar (Mufasa’s brother and Simba’s uncle) appears so menacing in The Lion Kingthat’s largely thanks to his famous scar.

A gash which seems to have failed to eviscerate him and which undoubtedly allowed him to acquire his nickname, but whose origin has never been specified in the classic animation from Disney studios. And yet, there is an explanation – and even several – for the presence of this gash on the face of the lion.

Indeed, when we move away a little from the original feature film, we can see that the story of Scar’s scar has been told three times, and each time in a different way…


It was in 1994, just a few months after the release of the Lion King in theaters, that Scar’s origins are told for the very first time, in the children’s book titled A Tale of Two Brothers (The Tale of Two Brothers). This illustrated book thus explores the youth of Mufasa and Scar.


The latter, initially called Taka (a word which means “lack” in Swahili), becomes jealous of his brother destined to ascend the throne. With the help of the three hyenas he has just met, he then decides to humiliate Mufasa by pushing a fearsome buffalo to attack him. Unfortunately for Taka, his strategy backfires, and the animal goes after him, followed by his entire herd.

Stunned by a terrible horn blow, he then receives his famous scar. An event that only accentuates his bitterness and jealousy.


In the animated series The Lion Guardbroadcast since 2016 on Disney Junior and telling the adventures of Kion (the young son of Simba and Nala), a completely different explanation is provided on Scar’s past, and on the birth of his famous gash.

As he tells it during a musical sequence, Scar was once called Ahadi and was himself head of the Guard (long before Kion). Endowed with the power of Roar, he had been approached by a strange and malevolent lion, determined to use him to seize the throne.

Disney Junior

Having led him straight into a trap where a poisonous snake had bitten him in the left eye, the unknown lion had then tried to monopolize the services of Ahadi, but the latter had not let himself be done and eliminated his opponent with his powers.

Humiliated by his brother Mufasa who then nicknamed him Scar when he discovered his scar, Ahadi, still under the influence of the venom, then began to plot to become the king of the Land of Lions.


In the 2019 version of Lion Kingeven if the event is mentioned quite briefly, it seems that Scar inherited his scar after a merciless fight against Mufasa.

Walt Disney Pictures

“I swore to myself never to challenge you again, never again”he thus declares to his brother at the beginning of the film, most likely alluding to an old duel against the king to appropriate his throne and his wife Sarabi.

Even if the rivalry between the two lions is only very quickly mentioned in this remake, we can imagine that it will be at the heart of the new feature film announced by Disney studios in 2020. A film which will precisely explore the past of Mufasa and of Scar.

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