The Lion King: Did Scar Eat Mufasa?

How did Scar get rid of Mufasa’s remains after Simba left? On TikTok, a “Lion King” fan imagines the most despicable (and unlikely) of theories.

Some fan theories are way more outlandish … and much more disgusting than others. This is the case with the following one, which recently emerged in the mind of the tiktoker ClassyKing0, about Scar and Mufasa in The Lion King.

After causing the death of his brother and driving his nephew Simba out of the Land of Lions, how did Scar get rid of Mufasa’s body? At first, one would be tempted to imagine that the hyenas were responsible for devouring it, but a simple search on the Net shows that they never eat a lion, as is generally the case. from other predators.

The lion king: did scar eat mufasa?!
The lion king: did scar eat mufasa

By continuing his research, our theorist however discovered that it happened to some lions to eat others after having killed them. So Scar would he have devoured Mufasa’s body himself just after Simba left? To support this hypothesis, the theory is based on a precise shot of the film, which occurs shortly before Simba’s return, and on which we can observe Scar playing Hamlet with a skull whose shape seems curiously to correspond to that of a Lion.

The lion king: did scar eat mufasa?Walt Disney Animation Studios

Still according to ClassyKing0, the treacherous usurper would not have been content to eat Mufasa after having killed him. He would also have recovered his skull to play with … just under Zazu’s beak. That’s what makes the character even more hateful.

Particularly chilling and creepy, this theory is however sorely lacking in arguments, and even if there is nothing to contradict it, it is also quite difficult to believe it.

Did Scar eat Mufasa? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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