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The non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales, president of the RFEF, to Jenni Hermoso already went around the world on Sunday. The world of football – or a small part of it – however, has taken more than four days to condemn it. He has also done so after FIFA opened a disciplinary file against Rubiales, after Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister, described this gesture as “unacceptable”, after Sumar filed a complaint with the CSD. This Thursday, at the request of the president of Getafe that Rubiales resign, Osasuna and Real Sociedad also joined. Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, was asked at a press conference about the non-consensual kiss from the Federation president and he said that as a citizen he had not liked it. Enrique Cerezo, president of Atlético, also asked in the afternoon, in statements to La Sexta, for Rubiales’ resignation. “We must all be consistent with what we do and say.”

Isco said that if the kiss was not consented it is “abuse of power”. Borja Iglesias also criticized Rubiales’ behavior in the box. “It is something that under no circumstances should be done, except the president of such an important Federation. The behavior that he had in the box, together with the Queen, is not very formal, really ”. José Castro, president of Sevilla, resigned in his day from the RFEF Board of Directors, “due to some of his previous actions.” He says that Rubiales “has not been a good president” until now, and that his attitude at the World Cup is already the “last straw”.

The sentences for Rubiales’ abuse of power have taken four days to arrive. It is already something more than what was done in her day with Carlos Santiso, then coach of the women’s Rayo who committed a group rape. “You have to catch one and kill her all together, like the Arandina, but she must be of legal age so as not to get into trouble. jars”, he wrote in a WhatsApp group with his coaching staff when he was coach of the lower categories of Rayo. Nothing happened. No one in the world of football came out to say that this is intolerable. No one came out to ask him to resign. Raúl Martín Presa, the president of Rayo, even supported him. “I’m not going to get into controversy or listen to any media pressure to kick out the coach.”

Why is there so much silence? Why are the sponsors silent? Why has it taken four days to come out and say that Rubiales’ behavior is inadmissible? Why have only a few in the world of football done it? Does it have to do with the retrograde culture that permeates it and that always tends to defend its own? José Luis Pérez Triviño, professor of Philosophy of Law at Pompeu Fabra University, president of the Latin Association of Philosophy of Sport and former member of the RFEF Ethics Committee, answers. ”Because soccer is a tremendous pit of machismo. Because there omertá and fear of losing your job.” And the sponsors? “Economic interests come into play here, if you have not established termination clauses, you risk paying significant compensation”

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