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Fans of The Last Of Us can be reassured, the creators of the series adaptation have no intention of deviating from the games and expanding the plot to make a franchise.

This is the event series from the start of 2023: The Last Of Us, the adaptation of the famous video game, is coming very soon to HBO Max in the United States. From January 15, American fans will be able to discover the series signed Neil Druckmann, (creator of the video game franchise) and Craig Mazin (Chernobyl).

If the various teasers and trailers have won over game fans, and even neophytes, recent statements from the showrunners should end up reassuring the public, who are waiting for the series to turn.

The Last Of Us will not be a franchise!

In an interview for The Hollywood ReporterCraig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have assured that they have no intention of deviating from the source material, namely the two video games The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us: Part II, and that they will not did not intend to expand the universe beyond the two games.

Neil Druckmann explains that they don’t have “the intention to tell stories beyond the adaptation of games”. The creator believes that they “[rencontreront] not the same problem as Game of Thrones since The Last Of Us: Part II does not end on a cliffhanger”.

This means that the HBO series will follow the plot of the games well and that there will be no invented and untold story afterwards. The Last Of Us universe won’t be franchised on TV either, and we shouldn’t see any spin-offs flourish. The show will be a work in its own right and will not see its universe be extended.


Which is not surprising when you know that Craig Mazin is rather a supporter of finished stories since we owe him the mini-series Chernobyl. He explained this bias to THR:

“I have no interest in a long-running turntable series. When it becomes a perpetual motion machine, it cannot avoid falling into stupidity. Endings mean a lot to me.”

The 9-episode first season of The Last Of Us will cover the entirety of the first game and if the series gets a second round of episodes, it should pick up the storyline of the second game. Druckman and Craig Mazin.

As a reminder, The Last Of Us tells the intense journey of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in an America ravaged by a pandemic caused by a fungus, cordyceps. During their journey, the duo will be confronted with Infected, hostile survivors and other Clickers that they will have to fight.

The rest of the cast includes Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandrige, Anna Torv, Murray Bartlett, Jeffrey Pierce, Con O’Neill, Nico Parker, Nick Offerman and Melanie Lynskey, as well as actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, who embody and lend their voice to Joel and Ellie in video games!

The Last Of Us series premieres January 15 on HBO Max. For the moment, no French broadcaster has been announced.

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