The Labyrinth, the scorched earth on TF1: 5 things to know about this second part

Second part of the trilogy adapted from the work of James Dashner, Le Labyrinthe: La Terre brûlée is being broadcast this evening on TF1. Discover 5 things to know about the Wes Ball movie.

Released in theaters in October 2015, a year after the first installment, The Labyrinth – The Scorched Earth takes place just after Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his friends have left the labyrinth.

The Blocards will face their biggest challenge: looking for clues about WICKED, the mysterious organization. But the world they discover has been ravaged by the Apocalypse. Their journey takes them to the Scorched Earth, a desolate landscape filled with obstacles.

No more government, no more order… and hordes of murderous people roaming the crumbling cities. The Blocards will have to join forces with other fighters to be able to face WICKED and try to challenge its immense power.

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The production studio had decided to wait for the release of the first part of the Labyrinth to start the preparation of La Terre brûlée, in order to ensure the good results of the film before embarking on a trilogy.

However, in front of the first positive feedback, the production changes its mind and gives the green light to the continuation 2 weeks before the release in theaters of the Labyrinth.

And the box office proved him right since the feature film by Wes Ball recorded $ 348 million at the international box office for an estimated budget of 34 million. In France, the first opus of the saga totaled 3.15 million spectators.

The labyrinth, the scorched earth on tf1: 5 things to know about this second part

Twentieth Century Fox

Intensive training

After having to follow a survival course for the preparation of the first film, the actors underwent a real military training in order to prepare for the difficult conditions of the shooting of this second opus.

The actors had to run 4 kilometers per day at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters and repeat the stunts they were going to have to perform during the filming.

Scenery and location

The filming of Labyrinth: Scorched Earth took place in New Mexico, in the city of Albuquerque. The city has also been “redecorated” to resemble a post-apocalyptic city: tons of sand have been poured so that the desert is as credible as possible.

The dunes were cleaned entirely to be as smooth as possible and, to give them a swirling effect, a stationary helicopter was used.

In James Dashner’s book, the Blocards are in the dungeons when they try to escape WICKED. Production shot in an abandoned mall and degraded it so that it looked long abandoned (teams removed ceiling tiles, smashed windows, and installed plastic filaments).

A decor that matches the description of the novel, but used cars and sand have been added to give the place an even more post-apocalyptic feel. On the “mansion” side, everything had to be destroyed and the film crew burned sofas to make them look damaged.

The labyrinth, the scorched earth on tf1: 5 things to know about this second part

Twentieth Century Fox

An adaptation not really faithful to the novel

Readers of James Dashner’s novels will certainly be disappointed when they see that this second part is not faithful to the literary work. Wes ball and screenwriter TS Nowlin kept the essence of the book, but made some edits necessary for the film’s needs. This was already the case for the first film.

Some elements of the second and third books have been rearranged to set the scene for the third film. But the biggest difference concerns the main characters Thomas and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario).

In the novels, the two heroes are able to communicate telepathically but this is not the case in the film. The director justifies himself by specifying that it was difficult for the actors to create this connection in front of the camera without appearing silly.

The relationship between Thomas and Teresa is therefore different between the written work and its adaptation. Likewise, the young woman is not supposed to be with the group of survivors when leaving the labyrinth, yet the latter is present from the beginning of the feature film.

The labyrinth, the scorched earth on tf1: 5 things to know about this second part

Twentieth Century Fox

Dylan O’Brien and Rosa Salazar

Who is Brenda?

Actress Rosa Salazar stars as Brenda in Scorched Earth and its sequel The Deadly Cure. An important role since the young woman becomes Thomas’s ally. Before The Maze, the American actress had appeared in the series Parenthood, American Horror Story and Little Brother.

The same year as The Scorched Earth, the young woman appears in the cast of Divergente 2 (in the role of Lynn) and then plays Alita in Robert Rodriguez’s SF film, Alita: Battle Angel. A role that she must resume in the sequel.

Yet the role of Brenda almost escaped him, indeed the actresses Emma Roberts, Adelaide Kane and Hailee Steinfeld had also been approached to interpret the character.

Le Labyrinthe: La Terre brûlée recorded 3.13 million spectators in France and grossed $ 312 million at the international box office for a budget of $ 61 million. The third opus was therefore quickly put on track.

The spectators also had to wait 3 years before seeing the end of the saga on the big screen. Lead comedian Dylan O’Brien was hit by a car while boxing a scene and suffered multiple fractures. The shooting of the last film had to be suspended for 1 year.

The director reveals the behind the scenes of the shooting

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