The Kissing Booth: what do Netflix and Black Mirror movies have in common?

Loriane cladec
Loriane Cladec


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Are you a fan of The Kissing Booth trilogy? On the occasion of the release of the last part, Netflix unveiled a video 10 things to know about the universe: did you know for example that the films and Black Mirror share a common setting?

On August 11, Netflix uploaded The Kissing Booth 3, the last installment of the teen trilogy led by Joey King. Fans were able to bid farewell to Elle, Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Lee (Joel Courtney) after three years of dedicated service.

And on this occasion, Netflix shared on its Youtube channel a video where we learn 10 fun facts about the actors, the characters and the universe. We discover, for example, that The Kissing Booth and Black Mirror – two diametrically opposed Netflix productions – share a common point, or rather a common setting.

Indeed, the (magnificent) Flynn house is the one that was used in episode 3 of season 5, the one worn by Miley Cyrus. You will probably notice the same floor-to-ceiling windows and the large living room in the images above. And even if the atmosphere is noticeably darker in the Charlie Brooker series, we could see ourselves living in this huge villa with swimming pool …

The property in question is located in Cape Town, South Africa, where the Kissing Booth films were shot. The house was also used as the setting for the UK reality TV show Love Island.

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