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The magistrate of the Investigating Court 15 of Barcelona has prosecuted the soccer player Daniel Alves on Monday, concluding that there are sufficient indications to send him to trial for a crime of sexual assault with carnal access to a 23-year-old girl at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona last December 30, and he has summoned him this Wednesday to notify him. The judge has also imposed a bond of 150,000 euros to cover eventual compensation to the victim, with the warning that if he does not pay it within 24 hours, he will proceed to seize his assets in a sufficient amount to cover it.

Alves has been in provisional prison since January 20 and, since then, his defense has asked on several occasions that he be released, something that both the instructor and the Barcelona Court have rejected, so that on Wednesday he will arrive at court led by the Mossos d’Esquadra from the Brians 2 prison, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona).

On the last occasion that the Barcelona Court denied releasing him on provisional release, this June, the judges concluded that none of the maneuvers promoted by the former Barça player (a new statement, the analysis of the security cameras, the registration of his children) were used to set him free. In fact, according to the order that kept him in prison, the evidence compiled by the Mossos d’Esquadra, especially the traces found in the toilets in the VIP area, “not only do not distort, but rather confirm” the victim’s story .

In her letter on Monday, the magistrate affirms that, from the investigations carried out during the investigation, there are “sufficient rational indications” to “assume” that Alves was dancing with the victim and that on two occasions, the former soccer player grabbed his hand and He placed it in her genital area, which the girl refused both times. Later, from the door that led to a small bathroom for the exclusive use of the VIP area, Alves called the girl and, when she approached, he forced her forcefully, despite the fact that the victim asked him to stop. let him out and let him go.

Despite the victim’s pleas, according to the judge, Alves ignored him, lifted her dress, made her sit on it, grabbed her by the back of her head and threw her to the ground, injuring her knee. . He tried to get him to perform fellatio, although he was unsuccessful, which “enraged” the footballer. Given this situation, according to the magistrate, the former Brazilian international gave the victim “several slaps” in the face, placed her on her back against the small sink, rubbed his penis against her body and finally penetrated her “violently.” ”.

After the rape, according to the judge, the girl tried to get out of the bathroom, but Alves wouldn’t let her. The ex-soccer player came out first and then she. Finally, when the girl managed to get out of it, she met her cousin at a table, who saw her with a “very bad face”. At that time, she told him what happened, according to her car. The judge emphasizes that since he left the bathroom, Alves did not address the victim again and when he left the club with a friend and ran into the young woman, he did not speak to her.

During the investigation of the case, the former FC Barcelona player has presented up to four different versions of what happened in the bathroom of the nightclub. After his arrest last January, he initially claimed that he did not know the victim. Later, he admitted that he met the young woman in the bathroom of the disco, but assured that nothing happened between them. Finally, when the judge confronted his explanations with the biological evidence, she maintained that the girl had consensually performed fellatio on him.

Last April, after the results of the biological tests that found traces of Alves’ semen in the victim’s private parts were known, the footballer returned to testify before the instructor at his own request. On this occasion, he admitted for the first time that he had had consensual sexual intercourse with the victim vaginally and claimed that he had initially lied to hide his infidelity from his wife.

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