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The Innocent Club AlloCine loves the comedy of Louis Garrel

The members of the AlloCiné Club discovered “L’Innocent” by Louis Garrel in preview. And they liked this detective comedy in which the director gives the reply to Noémie Merlant and Roschdy Zem.

What is it about ?

The Innocent of Louis Garrel

Released in cinemas on October 12, 2022

When Abel learns that his mother Sylvie, in her sixties, is about to marry a man in prison, he panics. Supported by Clémence, his best friend, he will do everything to try to protect her. But the meeting with Michel, his new father-in-law, could well offer Abel new perspectives…

Why did the Rédac’ choose this film?

For his fourth feature film as a director, Louis Garrel breaks away from its usual register to offer an original and lively dramatic comedy. In The Innocentthe actor and director embodies a lost man who will take advantage of the new and surprising union between his mother and an ex prisoner to change his life.

By getting closer to his new stepfather, this young man sees his existence turned upside down and his convictions shaken for better and for worse! By mixing family history and detective story, Louis Garrel offers a film as contemporary as it is burlesque with the soul of a French film from another neat and clever time.

L’Innocent is imbued with great tenderness and an ingenious humor that punctuates each twist in which the actors engage with pleasure in this tasty exercise. We note the brilliant performance of Noemie Merlant in this comic register where we would like to see her more often. With this film, Louis Garrel astonishes, has fun, makes fun of and plays with the codes of the theatrical game but never forgets to breathe in sweetness and romance that confront an inevitable social reality.

What is the AlloCiné Club?

As powerful as the Avengers team and as prestigious as Le Cercle des Poètes Disparus, AlloCiné brings together its most active members within its famous Club AlloCine ! Each month, we reveal to Club members several films and series in preview for which they express an opinion at the end of the screening.

Their votes, from “excellent” to “very little for me” thus determine whether the film or series they have seen has obtained the Le Club AlloCiné Aime label. Fans of cinema and series, experts, bloggers or influencers, the members of the Club AlloCine constitute a strong relay of opinion with spectators and the entire profession.

What does Club AlloCiné think?

  • Excellent: 43%
  • Good: 53%
  • Not so bad: 2%
  • Very little for me: 2%

traversay1 – “[Le] Garrel’s new movie [est] perhaps its most successful narratively and stylistically, as it borders on the shores of the absurd and one should not look for an ounce of verisimilitude.”

Moviegoers 44 – “The director succeeds in a thrilling comedy with a rather well-written plot and leaving the spotlight to endearing and light characters. Special mention to Noémie Merlant, hilarious in a spontaneous and invigorating role.”

drain – “Louis Garrel succeeds here in his best film as a director. Helped by Tanguy Viel for the writing of a screenplay full of surprises, he combines drama and humor on the yet hackneyed theme of the ‘last heist’ of thugs before retirement. We took great pleasure in seeing the all-too-rare Anouk Grinberg in a role worthy of her talent as well as reuniting with the luminous ‘young girl on fire’ Noémie Merlant.”

bsalvert – “A film with a beautiful energy, both sad and funny, moving. We follow the characters with delight in their adventures and their misadventures. To see and see again!”