The Indomitable Spirit trailer: Lucky and his stallion arrive at the cinema

The Indomitable Spirit trailer: Lucky and his stallion arrive at the cinema

Discover the trailer for the Dreamworks animated film “Spirit: The Indomitable”. Continuation of the feature film of 2002, the film takes again the timeline of the animated series “Au gallop in complete freedom”. At the cinema on July 28th.

The trailer for Spirit: The Indomitable has been revealed. This animated film from Dreamworks Animation studios is the sequel to the 2002 film Spirit: Stallion of the Plains, which also inspired the animated series Spirit: Riding Free, which airs on Netflix.

The feature film follows Lucky, a fearless little girl whose mother has passed away. Raised by her aunt Cora, Lucky meets Spirit, a wild mustang, and two other riders, Abigail Stone and Pru Granger.

When a heartless cowboy and his team plan to capture Spirit in order to auction him off for a life of captivity, Lucky enlists his new friends to save the horse …

Co-directed by Ennio Torresan and Elaine Bogan, to whom we owe the animated series Dragons: Beyond the Shores and Troll Hunters, the film is voiced by Isabela Merced, Eiza Gonzalez, Julianne Moore, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mckenna Grace, Marsai Martin and Walton Goggins.

For the launch of the trailer, AlloCiné was able to speak with the director *. Spirit: The Indomitable is slated to hit theaters on July 28th.

AlloCiné: Spirit is your first animated feature film, how did you come to this project?

Elaine Bogan: I directed 5 TV series for Dreamworks, which gave me enough confidence to embark on a feature film. It also allowed me to refine my creative vision to build this ambitious project. For a first feature film, it was a big bet.

I have been a fan of horses since I was 9 years old and I am a confirmed rider. When I heard that Dreamworks was developing this movie, I thought it was the perfect project for me. I couldn’t miss the chance to make it happen.

It’s fantastic to be able to work on a film that you have a deep emotional connection with; I put a lot of my personal experience into it.

DreamWorks Animation

Tell us about the challenges you had to overcome with this first feature film?

It’s intimidating to find yourself at the head of a technical team of around 100 people. In addition, for a feature film, you have to work on the script even more to be sure that every minute of animation created is used.

The story and the characters are at the heart of this movie and everything has to be perfect. I had to supervise everything and validate everything. It’s a great pressure that I had to get used to. It is not so easy to find yourself in the position of “leader”.

Spirit: The Indomitable has many messages. Can you tell us about it?

Absolutely and it was important for me to create a film which, in addition to good entertainment, carries several messages for our youth. I am proud to be part of a film that celebrates the spirit of a fearless young girl who must find her destiny.

We live in times conducive to this cultural integration

It was also important to have heroines from different cultures. In the end, Lucky, our heroine, will embrace and be proud of her Mexican heritage. I think that we are living in times conducive to this cultural integration which highlights the strength of young girls today.

Lucky must find her way, little by little she will reveal herself to herself. This adventure will allow him to grow and find all his inner strength. His friendship with Spirit will change his life forever. She finds the courage she needs to assume her new existence.

DreamWorks Animation

This film also shows the influence that can have a relative who is no longer there, like Lucky’s deceased mother. The theme of the family is extremely important in this film. It is the emotional glue we all need to find meaning in our lives.

It’s also a film about the notion of freedom and what it means, whether you’re a little girl, an adult or even a stallion craving the great outdoors.

I wish my film would show that a girl can become a heroine as well as a little boy can become a hero. Courage has no sex and anyone can become bad-ass by taking his fate in his hands.

I believe this is the perfect family movie to get out of this pandemic and this extremely difficult year. I hope the film inspires all little girls and helps them find their way.

DreamWorks Animation

Since 2002, when the first film was released, there has been a lot of evolution in animation techniques. Can you tell us about the work around this second opus?

It was the most difficult experience of my career on a technical level because the most complex animal to animate is without a doubt the horse. From his mane and his musculature. It was a technological tour de force to create the most perfect illusion and bring Spirit to life.

The same goes for the hair of Lucky and her friends, on which we have worked a lot to make it look as natural as possible. We have spent countless hours on our computers to achieve the result that viewers will see on the big screen.

In addition, due to the pandemic, we all worked from home. This makes logistics and communication even more complex than working all together side by side.

I’m really proud of this film which shows the evolution of the Spirit films franchise, from the first one that was shot in 2D to this one, which uses the cutting edge of technology and gives you a sense of reality until then. impossible.

The world of animation is evolving at high speed and we are always pushing the limits of what we can create. It is fabulous !

* Interview on March 29, 2021 by Emmanuel Itier

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