The Iacono affair: Le Mensonge trailer, mini-series with Daniel Auteuil soon on France 2 – News Séries on TV

The Iacono affair: Le Mensonge trailer, mini-series with Daniel Auteuil soon on France 2 – News Séries on TV

Broadcast from October 5, the new France 2 mini-series relating the Iacono affair is revealed through a first trailer. Daniel Auteuil lends his features to this grandfather accused of rape and sexual abuse.

It’s a new mini-series inspired by a true story that will take over from Laëtitia, which will end on September 28 on France 2.

Le Mensonge plunges us into the paradise of the Côte d’Azur, and more precisely in the town of Vence where Claude, mayor of the city, intends to become a senator. With a beautiful marriage and a successful professional career, nothing seems to be able to thwart this project. But everything changes the day his grandson, Lucas, accuses him of rape … It is the beginning of a large-scale media affair that will oppose two members of the same family, until the explosion of the truth fifteen years later.

Four years later In the name of my daughter, inspired by the Kalinka affair, the director Vincent Garenq and the actor Daniel Auteuil meet for a new legal fiction. Freely adapted from Christian Iacono’s family drama, the 4-episode program traces the downfall of a man who lost everything following the accusations of his grandson. For more than ten years, the accused chained trials and times in prison. This highly publicized news item due to Christian Iacono’s status as mayor did not come to an end until 2014, when the complainant finally retracted, thus ending his grandfather’s conviction.

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In the casting for the first time of a serial format, Daniel Auteuil gives us, through his interpretation, a poignant reflection on the presumption of innocence, family conflicts and lies as a call for help.

At his side, the public will find Victor Meutelet, currently showing in the TF1 Grand Hotel series, but also Charlie Bruneau and Grégoire Bonnet from the En famille and Scènes de Ménages programs on M6.

The first two episodes of Lie will be broadcast on Monday, October 5 from 9:05 p.m. on France 2.

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