The Hunt: TF1’s fiction on the Fourniret affair previewed on Salto

Salto has just put a preview on its platform “La Traque”, a TV movie with Philippe Torreton and François-Xavier Demaison who looks back on the case of the serial killer Michel Fourniret.

The hunt: tf1's fiction on the fourniret affair previewed on salto
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Over the months, Salto, the made in France platform resulting from the alliance between TF1, France Télévisions and M6, continues to supplement its catalog with exclusive preview content. After Je Te Promets, Les Aventures du Jeune Voltaire and Les Petits Meurtres by Agatha Christie, it is now the turn of La Traque, a unit whose broadcast is planned soon on TF1, to be put in advance on the platform.

Adapted from the book “The tit and the ogress“, by Harold Cobert, The persuit transports us on June 26, 2003, while Michel Fourniret has just been arrested for attempted kidnapping of a minor. He risks, at best, only a few months in prison. Yet the police are convinced they are dealing with a serial killer. But they have no proof … Fourniret admits nothing, does not crack. One person, however, must know: his wife, Monique Olivier. What does she know? Is she a witness? Partner in crime ? But above all, how do you get her to talk? The countdown begins and then begins a real psychological hunt to bring down one of the most famous and enigmatic serial killers in history.

On the production side, it’s Yves Rénier, already behind the camera for the TV movie Jacqueline Sauvage in 2018, who directs The persuit. For the occasion, Philippe Torreton will play the serial killer, while Isabelle Gélinas (Do not do this, do not do that) will be Monique Olivier, his ex-wife. François-Xavier Demaison and Mélanie Bernier (Mystery at the Sorbonne) will be the two investigators responsible for tracking down the murderer.

It remains to be seen what reception will be reserved for this fiction. Indeed the announcement of the shooting had reacted the families of victims, as well as the son of the murderer, who considered it indecent to deal with an investigation still in progress. A petition to prevent the dissemination of this unit was even launched on the internet last September and had collected more than 15,000 signatures.

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