The House opposite on M6: what is the series worth in the vein of Desperate Housewives with…

Already available on Salto, “La Maison d’en face” arrives this evening on M6. A series with Julie de Bona, Marc Ruchmann, Thierry Neuvic, and Caterina Murino that will delight lovers of dramas tinged with thrillers and soaps like “Desperate Housewives”.

What is it about ?

Eve and Yanis, parents of a one-month-old baby girl, move into their new suburban house, looking for a fresh start. But one evening, following a tragic accident, their baby dies suddenly. Broken, Eve and Yanis try to rebuild themselves. They find comfort with their neighbors across the street, Livia and Stéphane. She’s a nurse, he’s a cop.

A special bond between the two couples develops: they share their sorrows, their joys… and soon more. Their destinies intertwine and intertwine far beyond reason, to a point of no return so neither will come out unscathed.

Every Tuesday at 9:10 p.m. on M6 from September 20, and already available in full on Salto.

6 episodes seen out of 6.

Who is it with?

To embody Eve and Yanis, the couple whose life changes from the first episode of The house oppositeM6 appealed to Julie de Bona (Plan B, Learn to love yourself), which has multiplied projects on television for a few years and is currently in the credits of Les Combattantes on TF1and to Marc Ruchmanrecently seen in Handling and Map Heart.

In front of them, there are two faces equally known to viewers who camp Livia and Stéphane: Caterina Murino (Balthazar, Time is a killer) and Thierry Neuvic (Just a look, Sat, I lied).

Pretty headliners alongside which the public will find in particular Antoine Dulery, Jean-Stan du Pac (Lies), Fatima Adoum (Christmas on all floors), Baptiste Carrion Weiss (Speakerine), Xavier Robic (Font), Juliet Navis (Bonded for life), Rani Bheemuck (tomorrow belongs to us), or Emma Boulanouar (Samia in Here it all starts).

The House opposite on M6 what is the series worth

Well worth a look ?

Do we really know our neighbours? This is the question posed by La Maison d’en face, the new M6 series presented a few days ago out of competition at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival. This question, as well as the idea that one does not always suspect the dramas and the horrors which are played out behind the window opposite or next door, are obviously reminiscent Desperate Housewivesin which the inhabitants of Wisteria Lane concealed the worst secrets.

Certainly darker than the cult American series with Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria, which offered real moments of comedy in each episode, La Maison d’en face does not in any case deny its main influence and regularly winks at it. Starting with the residential suburb where the plot takes place, which evokes many memories and will quickly become the scene of a slew of more or less far-fetched twists.

Adapted from the Dutch format New Burenthis sexy thriller directed by Lionel Bailliu (suspicions, innocent) and written by the latter and Deborah Hadjedj turns out to be very addictive, despite a police intrigue against a backdrop of drug trafficking which we could have gladly done without. We let ourselves be caught up in each of the six episodes, with only one idea in mind: to find out what happened during this neighbors’ party which obviously turned into a tragedy and ended in the death of at least a person.

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An event, told in small touches in the form of flashforwards at the start of each episode, which spice up a plot that already did not lack bite. Indeed, sudden death of the newborn, swinging, betrayal, adultery, infertility, family secrets, or scandal in high school because of a sex tape, nothing is spared us. And that’s good, as the soap side is the most enjoyable in this series which sometimes goes very far with its characters ready to do anything to achieve their ends.

The more the story of La Maison d’en face advances, the more the characters reveal their true faces. Allowing Julie de Bona to astonish in a more troubled register than what she had accustomed us to so far and Caterina Murino to inherit one of her best roles.

So, too bad if the series accumulates social subjects with relative finesse and if the end turns a little too big for our taste. Twists and dirty tricks follow one another at high speed for our greatest pleasure. And the performances of all the actors, as well as the mix of thrillers, soaps and sexy thrillers in which they evolve, make this new fiction a highly recommendable entertainment.

Note that the broadcast of La Maison d’en face will be followed every Tuesday at 11:10 p.m. by the Spanish series Everybody lieswhich is steeped in much the same plot elements.

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