The Hot Zone on TF1 Séries Films: what is this historic series on the Ebola virus?

TF1 Séries Films is launching this Sunday evening the broadcast of “The hot zone”, a series with Julianna Margulies which looks back on the fight of a group of scientists to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

What is it about ?

The terrifying true story of the origins of Ebola, a deadly and highly infectious virus born in the humid forests of Central Africa. In 1989, a team tried to prevent the virus, which appeared in chimpanzees, from spreading to the population …

Season 1 of The Hot Zone is broadcast from this Sunday, August 22 at 9 p.m. on TF1 Séries Films. It is already available in full on Salto.

A strangely current series

“Virus”, “contamination”, “quarantine” … For many months now, these few words have been part of our daily life. It is perhaps, for the amateurs of series and the more curious, the ideal moment to discover an important episode, however little known, of the History.

The Hot Zone deals with the Ebola epidemic, which first appeared in 1976. This six-part series follows the struggle of a group of scientists and Nancy Jaax, a veterinarian from the United States. American army, to prevent contagion a few kilometers from Washington, in 1989.

Produced by Ridley Scott’s company, this anthological series transcribes in a very realistic way the challenges facing scientists and the lack of knowledge around this virus, however very dangerous.

Created by James V. Hart, screenwriter, among others, of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula and Steven Spielberg’s Hook, the series uses the codes of the thriller and succeeds in creating an entertainment that is intended to be educational.

The hot zone on tf1 séries films: what is this historic series on the ebola virus?

National Geographic / Amanda Matlovich

The Hot Zone, adapted from the eponymous book by author and journalist Richard Preston, brings to the fore the work and courage of Nancy Jaax who, unlike some purely fictional characters, actually existed.

It is Julianna Margulies, outstanding in The Good Wife, who puts on the diving suit and lends her features to the heroine more real than life. The actress has also met the doctor on several occasions for the preparations for her role.

At her side, she can count on the talents of Topher Grace, Noah Emmerich or Liam Cunningham, whose character is inspired by several scientists. If it relates events that date back more than thirty years, The Hot Zone strikes by its relevance and its most effective staging. Do not miss.

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