The Greatest Showman: a nod to Wolverine almost impossible to spot

The Greatest Showman: a nod to Wolverine almost impossible to spot

Thomas Imbert
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Airing tonight on C8, the musical dedicated to PT Barnum and worn by Hugh Jackman contains a nod to another famous film by the same actor. But did you notice it?

What connection can there be between The Greatest Showman, the spectacular circus musical of the happy PT Barnum (airing tonight on C8) and the taciturn mutant with the claws of adamantium who slashes his enemies without the slightest bit hesitation in the X-Men saga?

Hugh Jackman, will you answer us, since the actor lends his features both to the enthusiastic “showman” and to the dark Wolverine. Yes, but not only. Indeed, know that James Mangold, director of Wolverine: the fight of the immortal and especially of the Twilight Logan is also executive producer of The Greatest Showman.

A second common point between the two films that the designers of the final credits have also taken advantage of to slip a nod to Wolverine in the credits. Almost impossible to find if you don’t know exactly where to look for it, this little easter egg appears on the screen right at the same time as the name of James Mangold.

20th Century Fox

Indeed, at this precise moment, if you zoom in on one of the 4 corners of the screen, you will see that the illuminations represent Wolverine’s two crossed arms, armed with his long claws.

A discreet little tribute to the director of Logan and to the unforgettable interpreter of the famous mutant.

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