The Goonies, Mom I missed the plane, Denis the mischief: these dirty cult kids to find in streaming during confinement – Cinema News

The Goonies, Mom I missed the plane, Denis the mischief: these dirty cult kids to find in streaming during confinement - Cinema News

While France is still confined, find streaming dirty cult kids we love with “The Goonies”, “Mum, I missed the plane” and “Denis the mischief”.

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From 6 years old.

Available on Netflix.

After discovering Les Goonies, what child never wanted to be part of this troop of kids embarked on an extraordinary treasure hunt to save the house that serves as their HQ? Written and produced by Chris Columbus and Steven Spielberg, this cult adventure comedy released in 1985 has not aged a bit. Funny, full of energy and twists, the film, of an inventiveness and a crazy generosity, is always tasted as easily. With Les Goonies, we laugh, we shiver and, with stars in our eyes, we quickly realize how much we have here one of the best entertainment there is. Mickey, Brandon, Data, Choco, Cinoque and the others, we love you!


From 6 years old.

Available on Disney +.

The McCallisters decided to spend the Christmas holidays in Paris. But on the plane, they realize that they have forgotten Kevin, their 9-year-old son. At first helpless, the boy will take matters into his own hands to make the worst day of two burglars live. Is it really necessary to present Mom, I missed the plane, 100% cult comedy from the 90s? The film of Chris Columbus (Madame Doubtfire, Harry Potter), who revealed the young Macaulay Culkin, rises crescendo in humor humor until last twenty minutes in the form of fireworks: what a pleasure to see Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci be humiliated (in sliding down the stairs, taking an iron on the face …) by this dirty kid we love so much!


From 6 years old.

Available on Disney +.

Two years later Mom I missed the plane, the rowdy Kevin … misses the plane again! This time, he is not alone in his big house, but right in New York! And who will he meet on his way? The two burglars to whom he had caused so much misery, determined to take revenge … Mom, I missed the plane again, signed again Chris Columbus, successfully takes up the elements of the first film: incredible situations, comical humor and burlesque, all with a great deal of know-how in the art of creating high-end and good-natured entertainment. Note the presence in the credits of a certain Donald Trump, who agreed that the film be shot in one of his buildings on condition that a small role is written to him.


From 6 years old.

Available on Netflix.

Denis is an energetic and playful little boy. His favorite victim? His neighbor, a misanthropic and grumpy retired postman. One day, Denis’ parents are absent suddenly and in disaster confide their offspring to the neighbor in question, who will live a truly appalling day. The comedy Denis la malice, adapted from the comic strip of the same name, which also had an animated version, represents a real challenge for zygomatics. How indeed not to laugh at the misfortunes that the boy subjected to the character of George Wilson? It’s a veritable avalanche of gags on the menu, not to mention the pleasure of finding Christopher Lloyd, the Doc of Back to the future.

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