The Google Pixel 5a Has Reportedly Been Canceled

The Google Pixel 3a and 4a have been among the best phones in their price ranges of their times, but it looks like the streak is coming to an end. According to a new leak from Twitter leaker Jon Prosser, the not-yet-released Pixel 5a has been canceled.

The end of the Pixel 5a seems to be a lose-lose situation here. That’s to say, it doesn’t seem as though Google necessarily wanted to cancel its release — but rather can’t produce the phone because of the global chip shortage. The global chip shortage has reportedly affected the production of Samsung phones, not to mention the availability of the PlayStation 5.

The Pixel 5a likely would have been announced at Google I/O, which will run as a virtual event from May 18 to May 20.

If true, the lack of a Pixel 5a is a huge disappointment. As mentioned, the Google Pixel 4a is considered one of the best smartphones at $350 or under. That’s thanks to the stripped-back and responsive software experience, the excellent processing power for the price, and the awesome camera. The more expensive Pixel 4a 5G takes things a step further, with a more versatile camera thanks to the inclusion of an ultrawide lens, a better processor, and support for 5G.

Google Pixel 4a Front
Google Pixel 4a Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of excellent budget phones right now. The new Samsung Galaxy A52 looks to be a stellar option for those looking for an Android phone on a budget, while the iPhone SE remains the most powerful phone under $400 for those willing to use iOS. Thankfully, the Pixel 4a will reportedly continue to be available.

Google is also gearing up for the release of the Pixel 6 in the fall. The Pixel 6 will reportedly be the first Google device to ship with a Google-designed processor, marking a big step for a company that has previously relied on Qualcomm silicon for its phones. It’s currently unclear if the chip shortage will affect the availability of the Pixel 6 as well.

Hopefully, by the time the Google 6a rolls around, the global chip shortage will be under control and Google can release a new budget Pixel phone.

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