The Good Fight on Téva: why it’s one of the best series of the moment …

Broadcast from tonight on Téva, The Good Fight remains both one of the most entertaining and brilliant series of the moment. Almost frighteningly lucid, but also terribly funny, she aims right where it hurts.

The good fight on téva: why it's one of the best series of the moment...

Why is it worth a look

It’s a series that can be enjoyed from the first second, already with its opening credits. Divine and heady with its classically inspired instrumental theme, this introductory sequence is also terribly galvanizing with its images of exploding luxury items. Cathartic images but also reflecting an America on the verge of explosion.

It is a certain philosophy of The Good Fight which is expressed in this credits, that of the couple of creators Michelle King and Robert King who deliver an (explosive) charge against the powerful.

Since its launch in February 2017 in the United States – a month after the inauguration of Donald Trump – the spin-off of The Good Wife has continued to lead a thunderous political charge against the power in place and to make a startled observation of the state of the world.

An exercise in deconstruction

Never in lack of good ideas, the Kings start this season 4 by plunging their heroine – the fabulous Diane Lockhart played by the no less fabulous Christine Baranski – in an alternate reality. Diane wakes up one fine morning in a world where Trump is not the President of the United States and where Hillary Clinton has won the election. A dream…

But that quickly turns into a nightmare! Because in this reality, Harvey Weinstein continues to spend peaceful days attacking women with impunity. And the #MeToo movement never existed. The Clinton administration has its own pots and pans and to do her job well, Diane must earn the good graces of Elizabeth Warren, who has become a Supreme Court justice.

Suddenly, Diane’s mission is no longer to fight “Evil” since he has changed sides. But to protect him. Since all of these bad deeds are led by Democrats. And she has to do it despite her personal convictions. In one episode, The Good Fight makes its own trial, on its sardonic nature and its ability to shoot red balls at the enemy. Brilliant.

The good fight on téva: why it's one of the best series of the moment...

At the end of the episode, Diane returns to reality, where Trump is president but where the Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart cabinet is bought out by a large, richer and more powerful firm. This is the start of trouble. At the same time there is an intrigue – which is perhaps linked to the first one? – which will shake all season long: memo 618.

What is that ? No one seems to know. But we eventually understand that it is a top secret memo that allows the richest people to withdraw from the legal process and therefore to act with impunity. A plot that refers to a long list of Donald Trump associates who refused to comply with subpoenas.

The whole game of The Good Fight consists in demonstrating at every moment how much reality has fun going beyond fiction. The plots seem unreal in the series. Yet they are all inspired by true stories.

The good fight on téva: why it's one of the best series of the moment...

And the real genius of The Good Fight is to describe a surreal and nightmarish present dictated by the powerful beyond reach, to be aware that the American justice system may be compromised and that the “good guys” cannot. not always win. She is not trying to sell false hope. And if that may seem depressing, it’s quite the opposite because she does it with panache, biting humor and a lot of pedagogy. Which makes the series totally addicting.

His vocation? Get the viewer to open their eyes.

The excellent credits of season 4:

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