The Girlfriend Experience on OCS: what is season 3 worth when it welcomes a new actress

The Girlfriend Experience on OCS: what is season 3 worth when it welcomes a new actress

Broadcast from this Monday, May 3 in US + 24 on OCS, season 3 of The Girlfriend Experience is reinvented. The anthology series adapted from Steven Soderbergh’s film this season welcomes Julia Goldani Telles, who plays the main role.

What is it about ?

A serial adaptation of Steven Soderbergh’s film, The Girlfriend Experience explores the relationships of call girls with their clients, to whom they offer more than sex, but an intimacy close to that which they can have with their wives or companions.

This third act of The Girlfriend Experience, takes place in the high tech industry of London and focuses on Iris (Julia Goldani Telles), a neuroscientist. Approaching the world of escorts, Iris quickly discovers the fine line between her nocturnal encounters and the world of high technology.

She then begins to question her real motivations and seeks to determine if they are really carried out of her own free will, plunging her into a deep exploration of her identity.

The Girlfriend Experience, season 3, written and directed by Anja Marquardt with Julia Goldani Telles, Frank Dillane, Oliver Masucci… Available every Monday on OCS Go

Who is it with?

After being illustrated in the role the capricious teenager in The Affair, Julia Goldani Telles takes the lead role of this season, Iris. In a parallel approach to season 1 (with Riley Keough), the young woman leaves an elite training in the United States to start a new life in London.

The first episodes look like a reboot of this first season, as the similarities are numerous. Iris is a bright, beautiful young woman, aware of her beauty and seems to have total control over her life which she meticulously compartmentalizes. But that confidence crumbles when she realizes her own vulnerability.

During the ten episodes that this season includes, we will come across some familiar faces of the small screen, including that of Frank Dillane (Fear The Walking Dead) and Oliver Masucci (Dark).

Well worth a look ?

This is the first season not written and directed by creators Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan. Entrusted to the expert hands of the German director and screenwriter Anja Marquardt, this season 3 seems more current than ever.

By focusing on questions relating to data acquisition and analysis – a theme that now concerns every aspect of our daily lives – this season poses fascinating questions: can desire be quantified? And if this becomes a simple datum, to what extent can it be manipulated, shaped?

Recruited by a London tech company specializing in artificial intelligence, Iris studies human behavior in order to formulate a kind of predictive analysis. She uses a combination of neuroscience and behavioral psychology to understand what forms the basis of sexual attraction.

So she needs to be able to talk to anyone, assess their identity, and then make the connection between what the person claims to be and what they really want.


At night, she collects her information in the field, making secret recordings of her encounters with world leaders and professional athletes. Then she puts her “science” into practice, suddenly knowing how to modify her behavior according to her date and spot her deepest desires.

From a certain point of view, this season of The Girlfriend Experience is similar to series that also focus on the excesses of tech and its interference in people’s privacy. We think of course of Black mirror or more recently at Soulmates.

The major difference is that The Girlfriend Experience does not venture into the realm of science fiction, but really seeks to analyze the different behaviors and impulses by relying as much as possible on tangible data.

While she still plays with her impeccably aesthetically smooth – almost cold – and glamorous image, she remains relatively understated on sex scenes. Since the beginning, but this season even more, because it is above all about understanding the psychological mechanisms that are the basis of sexuality. In short, an almost psychoanalytic work.

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