The Girl in the Woods (France 2): What is the thriller adapted from Patricia MacDonald’s novel worth?

This Wednesday, February 3, France 2 broadcasts “The Girl in the Woods”, a detective TV movie adapted from the novel by Patricia MacDonald with Carolina Jurczak and Antoine Duléry. Is it worth a look?

What is it about ?

Urgently called to her sister’s bedside, Jeanne, 27, returns to their uncle Eric’s, where she had nevertheless vowed never to return. On her deathbed, Céline makes a terrible confession to him: for 15 years Youssef has been wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Julie, Jeanne’s childhood friend. At the time, his sister had not dared to admit that she was with the young man at the time of the facts, nor to provide him with an alibi. At the last minute, Celine begs Jeanne to release this innocent man and find the real culprit in a case that everyone considers definitively closed.

The girl in the woods, Wednesday February 3 at 9:05 p.m. on France 2

Who is it with?

This adaptation of the eponymous novel by Patricia MacDonald, directed by Marie-Hélène Copti, is worn by Carolina Jurczak, an actress seen in La Garçonne, Marseille and Coup de foudre in Saint Petersburg. For the occasion, she gives the reply to Antoine Duléry, who plays the uncle of the young woman, and Agnès Soral who plays the nurse of Jeanne’s sister. She will be helped in her investigation by Mathieu Spinosi, an actor discovered in Clem that we recently saw on France 3 in Praying to investigate alongside Sabrina Ouazani. Philippe Duquesne (The Deschiens) and Thibault Authié complete this distribution.

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Well worth a look ?

A 15 year old crime, a deathbed confession and an innocent man languishing in prison. These are the beginnings of this thriller based on the novel by Patricia MacDonald, who here trades the mountains of Pennsylvania for the French countryside. Faced with the revelations of her sister, Jeanne will try to respect her last wishes by embarking on an investigation which will lift the veil on many secrets, while allowing her to reconnect with her family that she had abandoned by going to work at the halfway around the world. Even if we suspect from the start that the uncle, presented as violent and racist, will not be the culprit (it would be far too easy), the other avenues explored lead us from surprise to surprise.

Although The girl in the woods either a very well constructed thriller, the investigation is quickly taken into the background to focus on the family drama between Jeanne and her uncle, Eric. With his clever flashbacks and his glances between the different actors, the viewer understands that many dramas have shaken this atypical family. Their relationship, made up of lies, secrets and unspoken words, is what makes the strength of this unitary. We discover, over the course of the intrigue, that this somewhat gruff country man, played by a very touching Antoine Duléry and who shows us here all his dramatic talent, is perhaps not what he seems to be, and that ‘he’s actually hiding a deep wound, which made him the man he is today.

The girl in the woods (france 2): what is the thriller adapted from patricia macdonald's novel worth?

Nicolas ROBIN – The picture box – FTV

This TV movie, directed by Marie-Hélène Copti (Une Belle Histoire) also shines with its cast. The young Carolina Jurczak, who won the Young Hope Award at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival for her participation in Deux copics sur les docks, gets her first lead role here and carries the story on her shoulders. Special mention to the young Thibault Authié alias Martin, Celine’s son, who is full of accuracy in his incarnation of this child now oprhelin.

The only downside to this thriller however remains its end, a little too hasty and far-fetched. It’s a shame, but that in no way detracts from the quality of The girl in the woods which shines with its depiction of complex family relationships.

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