The Girl and the Night: Ioan Gruffudd (Dr Harrow) in the adaptation of Guillaume Musso’s novel for France 2

France Télévisions, la Rai, and ZDF yesterday launched the filming of the series “La Jeune fille et la nuit”, adapted from Guillaume Musso’s bestseller. With the cast Ioan Gruffudd (“Forever”, “Dr Harrow”), Grégory Fitoussi, or Vahina Giocante.

The girl and the night: ioan gruffudd (dr harrow) in the adaptation of guillaume musso's novel for france 2
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Announced almost three years ago, the adaptation of Guillaume Musso’s bestseller The Young Girl and the Night is becoming clearer and finally moving up a gear! France 2, la Rai, and ZDF, which will broadcast the series within the framework of the European Alliance, launched yesterday in Antibes and its region the shooting of 6 episodes of 52 minutes under the direction of director Bill Eagles (Strike Back) .

The story of The Young Girl and the Night, whose novel has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and translated into 36 languages, begins in 1996, on a prestigious campus frozen in the snow. A young girl disappears, carried away by the night. And leave three friends bound by a tragic secret.

Twenty-five years later, in 2021, Fanny, Thomas and Maxime, once inseparable, have never spoken to each other since Vinca’s disappearance that winter night of 1996. Thomas, however, decides to break this silence by going to a meeting. former students of the Saint-Exupéry high school. And, without knowing it, he will endanger the lives of all those around him, starting with that of Maxime.

Because during that fateful night of 1996, Thomas and Maxime committed a murder and walled up the corpse in the high school gymnasium which will be destroyed in the coming days. How will the two friends cope with the situation? Everything seems to be linked to the disappearance of Vinca. Disappearance to which Thomas still does not want to resolve.

To bring Guillaume Musso’s novel to life on screen, Make it Happen Studio (Sydney Gallonde), MGM International Television Production, and the European Alliance, which are co-producing La Jeune fille et la nuit, have called on the Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd, well known to fans of Fantastic 4 and the series Forever, Liar, and Dr Harrow, to play Thomas.

At his side, viewers will find Grégory Fitoussi (Engrenages) in the role of Maxime, Vahina Giocante, recently in the credits of season 7 of Skam France, in the skin of Fanny, and the Ukrainian actress Ivanna Sakhno in the role of the missing, Vinca. While Shemss Audat (Deadly Calanques), Dervla Kirwan (Intimidation), Rupert Graves (Sherlock) and Salóme Gunnarrsdóttir (Pennyworth) round out the cast.

Written for television by Marston Bloom, The Young Girl and the Night is the first transposition on the small screen of a work by Guillaume Musso, who has already seen his novels Et après and Will you be there? be adapted to the cinema in 2008 and in 2016. The shooting of this mini-series in 6 episodes will continue until November 23 for a broadcast which will not intervene, at best, before current 2022 on France 2.

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