The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has its fair share of detractors

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has its fair share of detractors

Due to its improved screen durability, water-resistance, and S Pen compatibility, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be the best folding phone we have seen. The phone is also a bit cheaper than its predecessor.

These are just a few of the many reasons we think you’re going to love this device. Here’s what you said about the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Galaxy Z Fold 3: Hot, or not?

The galaxy z fold 3 has its fair share of detractors
The galaxy z fold 3 has its fair share of detractors

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The poll was posted on August 11th, and 2,057 votes have been cast to date. Just over 60% of readers believe that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 device is hot. As most comments about the new Samsung foldable were negative, it seems that those who voted for this option are not the majority. However, there are a few comments that express interest in this device.

Just under 40% of respondents didn’t like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and voted “not”. Some readers were disappointed by the price, the S Pen implementation, and the camera system.

These complaints are not entirely untrue. You’re looking at cameras with the same features as the Z Fold 2 except for the selfie camera that is under-display, a $1,800 price tag, which is cheaper than the predecessor, but still very expensive, and an S Pen implementation that isn’t comparable to the Note series.


  • PhoenixWitti: Compromised cameras and compromised Note functions. No thanks.
  • Piensa : Very expensive, for starters. I’m not sold on the idea that foldable are possible… at least, not right now. These things will eventually break, but they will. It would be a pain after spending $1,700 dollars. But warranties and dependable repairs are illusions. Once it breaks, it’s gone forever ….. I will also wait for the Pixel 6 Pro.. and see how it goes ….
  • Karl: Thank you. It is quite thick when folded. I would prefer a rollabke telephone.
  • Paul: Standard does not include a spen. 2019 camera at best. Overpriced (2 phones heavy). Massive fold line. No thanks. I will still consider the pixel 6 Pro to be a note 21. Samsung, you are wrong.
  • Pinhead117: The PET film screen makes me unhappy. It seems a bit cheap to use plastic at such a low price. If they ever develop a folding screen with real Tempered Glass, I’d be interested. Samsung is always an innovator…
  • TheRealCBONE – If you are coming from the Fold2, there is no compelling reason to upgrade, unless you absolutely need the IPX8, I suppose. However, my wife and I are coming from the 21+. She has a Fold2 and it is fantastic. It will do everything I need. You can pre-order today to get the pen case, pen and 2 chargers free of charge.
  • Stefan Magnusson – I will keep my Note 10 + for as long as I can. After that, this is my new phone

Thanks for voting in our poll and for leaving comments! What would it take for you to buy a foldable phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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