The forgotten that we will be: what is this biopic by Fernando Trueba on an activist and humanist doctor?  - Cinema News

The forgotten that we will be: what is this biopic by Fernando Trueba on an activist and humanist doctor? – Cinema News

In theaters this June 9, The Forgotten That We Will Be is a film adapted from a literary success that tells of a doctor’s fight for the rights of the inhabitants of Medellín. Its director Fernando Trueba tells us more about this shocking and poignant film.

Finally in theaters on June 9, The Forgotten That We Will Be is the new feature film by Fernando Trueba, known in particular for his Belle Epoque films, which won him the Oscar for best foreign film in 1994, and La Fille de tes dreams. The Spanish director adapts a huge hit and literary masterpiece that portrays Doctor Hector Abad Gomez, a militant doctor murdered in Medellín in 1987.

The portrait of a Colombian activist

The author of the novel is none other than Héctor Abad Faciolince, the doctor’s son, who tells how his paternal humanist and human rights activist fought against political violence and the invasion of drug traffickers risking his life in the 1970s and 1980s in Colombia. Fernando Trueba explained to AlloCiné that adapting this novel inspired by real events was for him a “duty”:

“At first, I liked the book too much to adapt it. But eventually I thought if I didn’t make this movie, I was going to regret it. The story and the characters were too good not to do it. . It was almost an assignment. And looking back at my first impression was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. “

It was his brother David Trueba, novelist, screenwriter, director and journalist who worked on the adaptation, “great luck” according to the director who considers his work to be magnificent. To honor certain great moments in the story, Fernando Trueba chose to emphasize certain black and white sequences, an instinctive choice:

“The film was like that in my head, already long before I did it. One part in color and the other in black and white. I let myself be guided by my instinct.”

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Through the portrait of Doctor Hector Abad Gomez, Fernando Trueba also delivers a sunny and truthful family chronicle while exploring the history of a country marked by violence. To play this committed doctor and devoted family man, the director called on actor Javier Camara, who looks a lot like the real doctor. Obvious for Fernando Trueba:

“At first I was like ‘Too bad he’s not Colombian because he would be perfect’ but eventually I offered to him. He did a great job on his accent, but above all – and that’s the more importantly -, on emotion. He shares with the character his enormous joy of living and his love of life. “

Imbued with a poignant realism and great emotional sincerity, The Forgotten That We Will Be was filmed in Medellín, where the places described in the book still exist, as do some people who knew the time during which the film takes place, namely the 1980s. The filmmaker told us that they had “been discreet during the shooting” which went wonderfully despite a minor hitch with the Church.

The Forgotten That We Will Be had been selected at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival but the pandemic stopped the film in its tracks. Fernando Trueba had barely canned it when the health crisis began. Today, the feature film benefits from the Cannes label and can finally be released on June 9 in French theaters.

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