The Florence Nightingale affair: Agatha Christie leads the investigation on France 3

The Florence Nightingale affair: Agatha Christie leads the investigation on France 3

France 3 is broadcasting “The Florence Nightingale affair” this evening, a fiction which sees Agatha Christie lead the investigation to find the murderer of the goddaughter of Florence Nightingale.

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What is it about ?

In 1926, Agatha Christie was at a loss for writing and was going through a divorce. On the verge of despair, she crosses paths with Mabel, a nurse who seeks to elucidate the murder of her friend, beaten to death on a train six years earlier.

Agatha decides to help the young woman and invents a sophisticated scenario to reunite the suspects in a large country house. Passing herself off as the notary, she makes the guests believe that they are going to receive an inheritance and takes the opportunity to question them each in turn.

But, from day one, the staging goes awry when one of the hosts is brutally murdered. The arrival of Inspector Dicks will disrupt the plans of the young novelist …

The Florence Nightingale Affair, written by Tom Dalton and directed by Terry Loane, with Ruth Bradley, Dean Andrews, Bebe Cave, Tim McInnerny…

Adapted from a true story?

The Florence Nightingale affair is an imaginary tale that creates a link between two very real historical events: the disappearance for 11 days of Agatha Christie in December 1926 while she was in the midst of a divorce, and the murder of Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter. by Florence Nightingale.

As she returned to the UK after working as a nurse during the war, the young woman was found beaten to death on the train that brought her home.

Written by Tom Dalton, The Florence Nightingale Affair therefore interweaves these two stories and show us an Agatha Christie in the middle of the blank page syndrome, who must face the infidelities of her husband and who will use her writing skills to investigate an unsolved murder.

Darlow Smithson Productions 2018

Tim McInnerny (Randolph) and Ruth Bradley (Agatha)

Played by Ruth Bradley, a young Irish actress seen in The Fall and Humans, Agatha Christie infiltrates under the name of Mary Westmacott (a familiar name to her fans since it is under this alias that she wrote 6 novels between 1930 and 1956), to conduct a “Christie-style” survey.

Under the pretext of distributing the fortune of a recently deceased family member, she assembles the main suspects in a country mansion in order to question them. But not everything will go as planned …

First broadcast on Channel 5 on December 23, 2018, the TV movie quickly became one of the channel’s most popular programs during the holiday season.

A success that paved the way for two other fictions in this television series now known as “The Queen of Crime”: The Curse of Ishtar and The Midnight Murders, which see Lyndsey Marshal and Helen Baxendale take over the role of the author.

Find The Florence Nightingale affair this Sunday evening at 9:05 p.m. on France 3.

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