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After twelve seasons spent in the skin of Penny in “The Big Bang Theory”, Kaley Cuoco returns with a new series, “The Flight Attendant”, which starts this Wednesday February 8 on TF1. A tasty thriller that mixes espionage and black humor.

While waiting for the sequel to And Just Like That, whose first season ended last week, TF1 viewers will be able to discover a new series on the air this Wednesday February 8 at 11:40 p.m., in the wake of the season finale. 4 of The Resident.

Already offered on Warner TV and on Salto, The Flight Attendant, carried and produced by Kaley Cuoco via her company Yes Norman, Productions, is coming for the first time free of charge on French television. And promises to keep lovers of well-crafted thrillers tinged with dark humor in suspense.

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Chris Bohjalian, published in 2018, by screenwriter Steve Yockey (Supernatural, the Scream series), The Flight Attendant tells the misadventures of Cassandra “Cassie” Bowden, a flight attendant (hence the title of the series) with a serious addiction to alcohol, who wakes up in a hotel room in Thailand with a hangover and a corpse lying next to her.

That of Alex Sokolov (Michiel Huisman), a wealthy passenger whom she met on the plane and with whom she spent the night during her stopover in Bangkok.

Scared to call the police, Cassie continues her morning as if nothing had happened. But realizing that she is unable to reconstruct the events of the day before, she will begin to wonder if she could be the killer, and will embark on a frantic race in search of the truth. Because if she is not responsible for the murder, who could have killed Alex and tried to make him take the blame?

An enjoyable thriller not to be missed

Launched in November 2020 in the United States, The Flight Attendant marked Kaley Cuoco’s big return to the small screen, a year and a half after The Big Bang Theory stopped at the end of its 12 season.

Composed of eight episodes, the first season, which begins this evening on TF1, quickly turns out to be a tasty television page-turner, which constantly oscillates between thriller, espionage, and comedy. And whose universe and protagonists recall, among others, the films of Alfred Hitchcock, the Search Party series, or even The Lost Weekend by Billy Wilder. With a hint of Very Bad Trip for the side “hangover and amnesia with serious consequences”.

The result is unlike anything you can currently see on television, and that’s good. With its twists and misunderstandings galore, its unexpected endings that inevitably make you want to see the sequel, its absurd, even surreal humor, and its gallery of unsympathetic characters to which we end up getting attached all the same, The Flight Attendant brings a breath of fresh air to the small screen.

And also owes a lot to the talent of its main interpreter, who finally shows the full extent of her acting palette after having perhaps locked herself up a little too long in the role of Penny, the sexy neighbor of Sheldon and Leonard in The Big Bang Theory, not always very well served by the authors of the cult sitcom.


Cassie facing the “ghost” of Alex in The Flight Attendant.

Behind the humorous but also physical façade of the role, since Cassie keeps making bad decisions and finding herself in more perilous situations to try to prove her innocence and find Alex’s real murderer, Above all, Kaley Cuoco shows real humanity and real fragility in the skin of this stewardess damaged by life.

Indeed, although Cassie initially appears as an inveterate party girl who likes a little too much drink and one-night stands, the series quickly turns out to be deeper than expected, tackling themes as strong as alcoholism, mourning, or guilt. So many demons and traumas buried in the heroine’s past that will resurface because of this new ordeal – Alex’s death – and will constantly feed the main plot of this first season.

If her talent for comedy and her comic timing were no longer to be proven, Kaley Cuoco shows that she also excels in a more moving and complex register. And proves to be extremely touching during certain sequences where the “ghost” of Alex tries to make him open his eyes to his past (one of the good ideas of the series being to keep the character of Michiel Huisman alive in the heroine’s head). Because to move forward and get out of it, Cassie will undoubtedly have to agree to put words to who she really is.


Kaley Cuoco notably gives the reply to Rosie Perez.

Kaley Cuoco, who was nominated as Best Actress at the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards for her critically acclaimed performance, is not the only asset of the cast of The Flight Attendant, however, which notably offers beautiful scores for Zosia Mamet (Girls), Rosie Perez, and TR Knight, George O’Malley from Grey’s Anatomy who we find with a certain pleasure in the skin of Cassie’s brother during some very beautiful sequences with Cuoco. Without forgetting the brilliant Michelle Gomez who, after The New Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix, finds a new role of “villain” more complex than it seems.

Led with a bang, The Flight Attendant is therefore a very good surprise that we can only recommend to fans of thriller series. And the good news is that, despite a plot closed at the end of these first eight episodes, a second season was broadcast this year across the Atlantic, with Sharon Stone as a luxury guest in the role of Cassie’s mother.

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