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It’s official: the new trailer for “The Flash” will be unveiled on the night of Sunday to Monday during the SuperBowl. In the meantime, the DC film offers itself a poster on which we find a bit of Batman.

The fastest man in the world has not yet arrived at his destination. But he is approaching the dark rooms with great strides. After many obstacles (reports of all kinds, changes of screenwriters and directors, legal disputes with its star Ezra Miller, etc.), The Flash will be released in theaters on June 14. And it is displayed by placing the hero in the BatCave.

A poster that reminds us that worlds will collide in Andy Muschietti’s film (It), when Barry Allen will go back in time to try to prevent the death of his mother, and find himself projected into a parallel universe: the one where Bruce Wayne does not have the features of Ben Affleck but those of Michael Keaton, who takes over the role he held with Tim Burton.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe begins to play the multiverse card, DC will defeat its own once and for all with this long-awaited feature film, which also features Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle, as well as a duplicate of Barry Allen. What the new images should re-confirm.

A trailer is indeed expected at halftime of the SuperBowl, which will take place on the night of Sunday to Monday on the French side, a year and a half after the images unveiled during the DC FanDome in October 2021. It will undoubtedly be the opportunity to learn more about this intrigue which could favor the reboot of the DC Universe orchestrated by James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Like the comic book “Flashpoint”, a major source of inspiration for the screenplay, had made it possible to start afresh following its publication and the consequences of the hero’s actions. The future of DC in the cinema should therefore be played out in our theaters shortly before the summer comes to the fore. And the countdown will speed up in a few days.


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