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The multiverse at DC is now. Or from June 14 with “The Flash”, which will bring together Ezra Miller as Barry Allen, Michael Keaton’s Batman, the villain of “Man of Steel” and a brand new Supergirl. The proof in pictures.

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It might be worth the wait as long as the first live-action Flash movie sees the light of day. Because the new images, unveiled on the occasion of the 57th SuperBowl, are both spectacular and very promising. While giving the impression that the feature film signed Andy Muschietti (It) has some cards up its sleeve.

Back on the big screen ten years after Man of Steel, will Zod (Michael Shannon) really be the big bad in this story in which Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) brings several parallel universes into collision after going back to the past? ? Or are we hiding another antagonist, more from the Flash universe, like the Reverse Flash, its double negative?

A hypothesis all the more plausible that the hero will be here in duplicate. Same as Batman. The story will indeed begin in the reality that we have known for a few years, the one where Ben Affleck plays Bruce Wayne. And will continue in the world of Michael Keaton, back in costume three decades after Tim Burton’s diptych, whose iconic music by Danny Elfman can be found here.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Michael Keaton : guess who’s… Bat ?

But that’s not all. Like the half-time of the SuperBowl, sometimes more spectacular than the match itself, this generous trailer also reveals the Supergirl embodied by Sasha Calle. Unlike the other characters present, this one makes her debut here. Much to Barry’s surprise, he discovers that the Superman he knew has been replaced due to the temporal paradoxes he created.

The multiverse will therefore be the watchword of this adventure which, at present, still has some gray areas. For example, what is Kara ‘Supergirl’ Danvers doing in this prison? Why are there no more metahumans in the reality where the majority of the feature film will take place? How will this story of temporal paradoxes help the DC Universe reboot being prepared by James Gunn and Peter Safran?

We will still have to wait four months, until June 14, to have the answers to these questions. But fans who have waited for the film for so many years are no longer close to it. And their wait could really well be rewarded.

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