The Flash: season 8 will kick off with 5 exceptional crossover episodes

The Flash: season 8 will kick off with 5 exceptional crossover episodes

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The CW has just announced that season 8 of “The Flash” will begin with 5 exceptional episodes in the form of mini-crossovers with the other superheroes of the Arrowverse.


Crossovers between the Arrowverse series have become the hallmark of the CW. But this year, coronavirus requires, the superheroes have all wisely stayed in their respective series while waiting for better days.

And it seems that the chain has decided to catch up since it has just announced that the first 5 episodes of season 8 of The Flash will see characters from the super-heroic DC Comics universe make an appearance. In short, five mini-crossovers will allow this new series of episodes to begin.

The president of the chain, Mark Pedowitz, however, clarified that this will not be the usual crossovers, in which the plot unfolds over several episodes of different series. The invited super heroes will only be present for the duration of an episode. Even though he announced that “different characters from the Arrowverse will be highlighted”, No name has yet been released.

This exceptional event will perhaps make it possible to revive the public’s interest in The Flash which, as we recall, will lose two of its main characters at the end of season 7.

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