The films and series to see in May on Prime Video: the Godfather trilogy, a thriller with…

The films and series to see in may on prime video: the godfather trilogy, a thriller with...

In May, watch what you like on Prime Video! Between the cult saga of The Godfather, the superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman, a timeless Bertrand Blier collection and some excellent comedies, the releases of the month are promising!


The Godfather 1, 2, 3 – Sunday May 1st

Among the most significant sagas in the history of cinema, the trilogy of Godfather is unavoidable. 50 years after the release of the first opus in 1972, the effect is still the same. The performance ofAl Pacino which reveals its talent to the eyes of the whole world, the transformation of Marlon Brando as an old patriarch larger than life… We take pleasure in seeing for the first time or rediscovering these classics which have won 9 Oscars.

For those who have missed this monument of the 7th art of Francis Ford Coppola, it tells the story of the Corleone family, who reign supreme over organized crime in New York. The ascension of Michael as head of the family, the incessant wars with rival clans… Bloodshed and 3-piece suits are to be found in this family fresco, available from May 1 on Prime Video. Icing on the cake, the third part is a much more recent “director’s cut” version, with redesigned editing and pacing.

Gold – Monday, May 9

Zac Efron and Anthony Hayes cross the desert when they come across a nugget of gold. A very large nugget of gold. The problem is that it is so huge that it weighs several hundred kilos. Impossible to retrieve it with bare hands. The decision is made: one returns to equip himself, the other stays to keep it. The ordeal then begins, between extreme climatic conditions and the dangers of the local fauna.

Gold promises to be a nice surprise, with a simple scenario, but interesting stakes: how far is a desperate man willing to go for the greed? Is he willing to die so as not to give up loot worth millions? Gold turns heads in this minimalist thriller, May 9 on Prime Video.


Goodfellas – Sunday May 1

In 1990, Martin Scorsese sign with Freedmen one of his iconic films. Ray Liotta plays Henry, an Italo-Irish kid from Brooklyn who dreams of being a gangster. Built on the classic “rise and fall” scheme, we see the rise within the New York mafia, then the descent into hell of its protagonist. If we quickly notice certain similarities with The Godfather, the treatment is more modern, raw and violent. A great cinema classic, to see from May 1 on Prime Video.

The Wilds – Season 2 – Friday May 6th

Series The Wilds returns for a second season, following the success of the first in 2020. In this new burst of episodes, find Leah, Shelby, Rachel, Toni and the other survivors of the plane crash, taking part in a social experiment in spite of themselves. And if they weren’t the only ones to be studied… See you on May 6 on Prime Video to find out what’s next.

Yannick Noah, the meaning of winning – Friday, May 20

May is also the start of Roland-Garros! The opportunity to discover a little more about a tennis legend, Yannick Noah. The one who is still and always the only Frenchman to have won the most prestigious clay-court tournament in the modern era reveals himself in an exclusive documentary. His immense career will have no more secrets for you, from May 20.

Towards the Stars – Season 1 – Friday, May 20

A retired couple discovered years ago, buried under their garden, a breach crossing space-time to a desert planet. Taking advantage of the darkness, they cross the gate every evening to admire the beauty of this lunar landscape. But the arrival of a mysterious man in their lives will call everything into question… On May 20, meet with JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek for Towards the starsa beautiful cosmic and sentimental epic.


Like Mother like daughter – Sunday May 1

Waldo – Monday, May 2

Miss – Monday, May 16

The French – Monday, May 30


Magnum PI – Season 2 – Sunday May 1st

wonder woman – Sunday May 1

Welcome Home – Sunday May 1st

The City of Fear – Sunday May 1

Love on the heels – Sunday, May 1

Vox Lux – Sunday May 1st

Batman Begins – Sunday May 1

Before you – Sunday May 1

The Lining – Sunday May 1st

MR73 – Sunday May 1

How to kill his boss? (1 and 2) – Sunday May 1

Collection Bertrand Blier : Stepfather – Our history – My man – Evening dress – One, Two, Three, Sun – Hitler, Don’t Know! – Too Beautiful For You – Thank You Life – Quiet – Cold Buffet – Sunday May 1st

The Originals – Seasons 1 to 5 – Wednesday, May 4

Bosch: Legacy – Season 1 – Friday, May 6

The kids – Friday, May 6

Long live France – Friday, May 13

Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls – Season 1 – Friday, May 13

Bang Bang Baby – Season 1, Part 2 – Thursday, May 19

Emergency – Friday May 27

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