The Fifth Element: Gary Oldman hates the movie and his character

Broadcast on France 2, “The Fifth Element” by Luc Besson was a big success, and is one of your favorite films with the filmmaker. However, the feature film does not really find favor in the eyes of Gary Oldman, the great villain of the film …

The fifth element: gary oldman hates the movie and his character

Broadcast this Tuesday at 9:05 p.m. on France 2, The Fifth Element was a very big success for Luc Besson, with nearly 7.7 million spectators the year of its release, in 1997.

After brilliantly playing the terrifying DEA agent Norman Stansfield in Leon, Gary Oldman figures prominently in the cast of Besson’s sci-fi film, as he plays the villain of the film, as Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.

Parodying to the point of self-ridiculing in a completely WTF costume / look and posture, Oldman seems to be jubilant with his character. In any case, in front of the filmmaker’s cameras. Because the actor will have words not really tender later in an interview given to Playboy, revealing that he “could not stand the film”.

In interview granted in 2016, the actor reviews his different roles, which logically includes that of Zorg, and explains why he agreed to play them. And the person concerned to throw a small torpedo on the film: “I had made a film [NDLR : Ne pas avaler] and Luc Besson was one of the producers; he helped me finance my film […]. He called me saying: “I need you to make a film”. I hadn’t read the script. It was a favor “.

When the journalist objects by telling him that The Fifth Element has become a cult film, he replies: “I know! This is the crazy world we live in!” Moreover, Oldman is indeed much more talkative about his other roles in the video, also a sign that he does not want to expand on the subject more than that and / or that he does not have much to do with it. say about it.

To see the sequence, it’s from 2”44 in the video below …

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