The Fall of the President: is a sequel with Gerard Butler planned? – Cinema news

The fall of the president: is a sequel with gerard butler planned? - cinema news

Will Gerard Butler return to the role of Agent Mike Banning? We take stock!

The Fall of the Presidentreleased in theaters in August 2019, is the latest feature film featuring Special Agent Mike Banning, starring Gerard Butler.

Before that, the character has knocked off the bad guy in two other films: The White House fall (2013) and The Fall of London (2016).

After rescuing US President Allan Trumbull, camped by Morgan FreemanDid Mike Banning bow out?

In December 2020, Deadline announced that a new adventure of this super-spy was about to see the light of day. Entitled Night Has Fallenthis 4th film was to be directed by Ric Roman Waughalready author of The Fall of the President.

Since the announcement of the project more than two years ago, we haven’t had any news, which suggests that Night Has Fallen has been put away in a drawer on the Hollywood side.

After The Fall of the President, Ric Roman Waugh had reunited with Gerard Butler in 2020 for Greenland. It seems that the two men have decided to focus on the sequel to this action movie, titled Greenland Migration.

Currently in pre-production, this feature film will be shot shortly. It is one of many projects in the purse of Gerard Butler, who will be very busy in the coming years.

On the side ofIMDB, Night Has Fallen disappeared from Butler and Waugh’s filmography; this is not a good sign and corroborates the fact that the work has been put aside, or even simply cancelled.

Gerard Butler surely had to sort through his proposals, judging that a sequel to the Mike Banning saga was perhaps not a priority, despite the 520 million dollars brought in by the franchise internationally.

However, in November 2019, the producer of the saga, Alan Siegel, opened the door to several sequels and spin-offs around the franchise, in cinema and on TV. Asked by Deadlinehe confided that he wanted to introduce new characters, cross several countries and create a whole mythology in the style of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We can only note that this sweet dream has not been cherished for very long, the project being visibly on hold since the declarations of the producer. Has the Covid-19 pandemic finally got the better of Mike Banning? Most likely.


The 52-year-old British actor will soon star in Criminal Squad 2, Greenland Migration, Kandaharand The Planestaged by Jean-Francois Richet.

In this film, Butler plays Brodie Torrance, an airline pilot. Caught in a violent storm with his plane, the latter managed the feat of landing it on dry land.

But he will quickly discover that he is in a war zone. He and the passengers then find themselves taken hostage. Brodie is going to have to take matters into his own hands to get everyone out of this potentially deadly situation.

Moreover, King Leonidas of 300 will soon meet the creator of the world’s most relentless hitman: John Wick ! According to Deadlinethe actor will play in Just Watch Menew action project of Derek Kolstadscreenwriter of the John Wick trilogy.

It is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jeff Lindsay, known for having created dexter in a literary series. The famous killer was then played on the small screen by Michael C. Hall.

In Just Watch Me, Gerard Butler will slip into the costume of Riley Wolfe, an ingenious thief and expert in disguises. He doesn’t hesitate for a second to resort to violence if anyone dares to get in his way.

A look back at 12 badass roles of Gerard Butler

The actor will also be the hero ofafterburnthe next feature film from the director of The Villainess, Byung-gil Jung. It will camp a treasure hunter criss-crossing a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Another project currently in pre-production, Remote Control, will see Gerard Butler slip into the costume of a British corporate intelligence analyst. The latter will find himself embroiled in a conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the Chinese economy.

Suffice to say that with all the work that awaits the actor, we are not ready to see agent Mike Banning again anytime soon. Unless there is a turnaround!

In the meantime, find Gégé Butler in copshop on Prime Video.

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