The Expendables – Christmas Story: Stallone is preparing a spin-off on Jason Statham’s character

Vincent formica

Vincent formica

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Predator, Rambo, Rocky, True Lies, Terminator, Last Action Hero, Demolition Man, Conan … he grew up with all the action movies of the two big arms of Hollywood. With Schwarzy and Sly keeping watch, the world could rest easy. It was without counting on the year 2020.

Spectacular turn of events ! After recently announcing an Expendables 4, Stallone reveals that he is also working on a spin-off centered on the character of Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham.

At the beginning of August, Sylvester Stallone posted a photo of the new ring of his character of Barney Ross in the Expendables saga, announcing the return of the super-grandpas in a 4th episode. As a reminder, in August 2014, Barney Ross (Stallone) and his band of mercenaries dynamited the big screen with the 3rd installment of the Expendables saga.

The film having brought in more than 200 million dollars of receipts, a 4th part was considered. Unfortunately, the production has experienced considerable setbacks, which we told you in this article to celebrate the 10 years of the franchise.


We learn today that the director and actor is also preparing a spin-off of the franchise. Stallone announced it on his Instagram account with a snapshot showing a tattoo depicting Barney Ross.

“That tattoo must have hurt. Ready to shoot the Expendables spin-off in October. The working title is Christmas Story.”, reveals the unforgettable interpreter of Rocky and Rambo.

This title refers directly to the character played by Jason Statham, Lee Christmas. The spin-off will therefore be centered on him with a more withdrawn Barney Ross, according to Sylvester Stallone.

The 54-year-old actor will therefore be very busy for the next few years, between The Meg 2, Hobbs and Shaw 2, this Christmas Story, a project with Guy Ritchie and his probable return in Fast and Furious 10.

As for Stallone, after putting an end to his director’s cut version of Rocky 4, the artist has boxed Samaritan, a feature film in which he plays an aging superhero. While waiting for this Expendables spin-off, you can find him vocally as King Shark in The Suicide Squad.


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