The Evil Spirit of Halloween on Netflix: Why this chilling film is not made for…

Available on Netflix, The Evil Spirit of Halloween promises a thrilling family adventure. We explain why this film is not suitable for toddlers.

Recommended for over 13s.

Warning, this article contains spoilers for the movie “The Evil Spirit of Halloween”.

As Halloween is fast approaching, Netflix is ​​starting to unsheath its more or less scary films and series in honor of this holiday. If the older ones are surely hoping to prepare for evenings of great thrills, families will want to find appropriate content for their children.

And precisely by zapping on the new content available on the platform, you will surely be tempted to launch the film The Evil Spirit of Halloweenavailable since October 14, to watch it with your children.


The movie poster suggests that we are going to watch a thrilling adventure for the whole family. But determining whether a feature film is suitable for toddlers and young children is never easy, even with a poster and trailer.

The synopsis of The Evil Spirit of Halloween announces an adventure between a father and his daughter during the Halloween period. Family relationships are at the heart of the film and the themes addressed could appeal to children.

The Evil Spirit of Halloween on Netflix Why this chilling

We follow a family that moves to the town of Bridge Hollow, famous for its famous “Jack Le Pringre” festival on Halloween. All the inhabitants have a great time during the festivities and dress up in wacky costumes.

It promises to be a joyous and festive event even if the heroine Sydney’s family never takes part in this celebration, to the great despair of the young girl. But the party ends in disaster when an ancient, evil spirit brings the Halloween decorations to life. In the chaos, father and daughter will have to join forces, in fear and in laughter, to save their new town.


  • You should already know that Netflix recommends this feature film to those over 13, and rightly so. The indications given by the platform are often a good clue and a judicious alert to decide whether a content is suitable for a large audience or not.
  • The Evil Spirit of Halloween is directed by Jeff Wadlowwhich is a regular in films with a rather adolescent and adult tone with a touch of horror since it has directed Kick-Ass 2, Nightmare Island and Truth or Dare, films that are not recommended for young children.
  • Even if the father and the daughter are endearing and funny, in particular thanks to their interpreters Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie) and Priah Ferguson (Erica Sinclair in Stranger Things), and that they share sacred moments of emotion and union, the fact remains that they use a rather adolescent and adult language, with a few swear words slipped in here and there .
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  • Little ones might be worried by the footage in the dark, when Sydney searches for clues about spirits in her room, in the attic or in the graveyard. And the music does its bit to provide a few moments of terror!
  • Some jump scares (Horror film process consisting of startling the viewer, editor’s note) are also slipped throughout the film, which will make some people laugh, but which will especially scare the little ones.
  • Who says Halloween, says monsters! As the poltergeist brings Halloween decorations and costumes to life, audiences will encounter spiders, bats, clowns, ghosts, skeletons and other spooky creatures! With special effects, music and sound effects, these monsters will scare young children.

The Evil Spirit of Halloween is available on Netflix.

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