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#Seacabó has just started in Europe. The European Parliament will hold a debate on the Rubiales case next week during its plenary session in Strasbourg after the complaint by the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso before the Prosecutor’s Office of the National Court for the non-consensual kiss given to her by the president of the Royal Spanish Federation of Soccer (RFEF) during the celebration for the victory in the Women’s World Cup in Australia.

The parliamentary initiative, promoted by Esquerra, was greeted this Thursday in Brussels by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, who also celebrated the decision of the women’s team player to go to court.

“The Government will always be on the side of women who exercise all possibilities in defense of their rights; therefore, our respect and our support ”, Iceta declared when arriving at the European Parliament to present the priorities of the Spanish presidency of the EU in her area.

The minister has also held the parliamentary debate on some “unfortunate and unacceptable events” that “have raised a wave of indignation” and that, “unfortunately” are also “obscuring the fundamental sporting fact” that the Spanish women’s team won the World Cup .

“We think it is very good that the institutions as a whole echo this debate and can contribute with their resolutions, with their debates, to this effort of an entire society to make equality prevail”, Iceta has valued.

The European parliamentary debate will be held next Thursday, during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, with the title of “Violence and discrimination in the world of sport after the FIFA Women’s World Cup”. It was included in the plenary agenda at the proposal of ERC, according to the MEP of this formation, Diana Riba, on social networks. “As an institution, we must analyze all possible legal possibilities to ensure equality and avoid sexist violence. Also in sports!” Riba justified on the X network (formerly Twitter).

In each plenary session of the Eurochamber, a “thematic” debate space is reserved whose subject is set, in turn, by each group and, on this occasion, it corresponded to the one to which ERC (The Greens) belongs.

Faced with the outpouring of Iceta, Vox MEP Jorge Buxadé has denounced the parliamentary debate on the Rubiales case by “the same European Parliament that has rejected all our requests to discuss Islamist terrorism, the killings of Christians in Africa or the rapes and murders in multicultural suburbs; the same one that refused to condemn the machete murder of the Algeciras priest”, the ultra politician tweeted.

Regarding an internal report from the Higher Sports Council (CSD) that, according to El Mundo, pointed out Rubiales’ abuse of power in February 2021, Iceta has indicated that this case was “archived by the judicial authority.” He has stressed that the Government bets in these cases through the courts. “We have always opted, when there are complaints that raise problems that may be criminal offences, so that it is the ordinary jurisdiction that understands it. And it is being in all cases ”, he pointed out.

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