The embarrassment of choice on France 2: does Alexandra Lamy’s disorder in the film really exist?

On the occasion of the broadcast of “The Embarrassment of the Choice”, with Alexandra Lamy, on France 2, spotlight on this disorder at the heart of the film. Does it really exist? Response elements.

The embarrassment of choice on france 2: does alexandra lamy's disorder in the film really exist?
Jean-Claude Lother

Fries or salad? Friends or lovers? Right or left ? Life is punctuated with decisions big and small. THE problem with Juliette is that she is totally unable to make up her mind on anything.“This is the starting point of L’Embarras du Choix, a romantic comedy directed by Eric Lavaine that France 2 offers us tonight. Her heroine, played by Alexandra Lamy, sees her life disrupted by this inability to choose, to make up her mind. If all of us have trouble choosing at times, what about the people to whom it happens on a daily basis and all the time? Does this disorder really exist?

The answer is yes ! This film written by Laurent Turner, Laure Hennequart and Eric Lavaine, does indeed exist in reality. During the writing of the film, the writers discovered American studies which affirm that each day we are confronted with nearly … 35,000 decisions! This may seem unlikely, but it should be noted that an average person already makes 200 decisions about food per day.

Overall, the number of decisions made on a daily basis varies considerably from person to person. When the film was being promoted, the director, Eric Lavaine, specified that “Obviously there are plenty of decisions that we take automatically but there are others that are particularly “headache”. For some people this inability to make decisions is very disabling. This will be the case for Juliette in the film. ”

How to explain this disorder which affects some people? Psychoanalyst Caroline Weill gives some answers: “There is a difficulty in taking action, in making a decision: this is the 1st step in taking action. In my career as a psychoanalyst, I have already encountered cases with real difficulty, like Juliette, when it comes to decision making. For Juliette, choosing is taking responsibility for a decision that inevitably leads to drama … “, we learn in the press kit of the film. “This is obviously why she chooses not to choose. This neurosis is the symptom of something else. For Juliette to come to this, there was a trauma, that is to say an upheaval. emotional such that his psyche cannot absorb it. “

Released in March 2017, unveiled in preview at the Alpe d’Huez Comedy Festival, L’Embarras du Choix, with Alexandra Lamy, Arnaud Ducret and Jamie Bamber, had gathered more than 400,000 spectators in theaters.

Spoiled for choice: Alexandra Lamy, Jamie Bamber and the whole team at the microphone

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