The Dig on Netlix: why the film with Carey Muligan is controversial?

Despite good press reviews, the film “The Dig” offered by the Netflix platform is the subject of criticism, while several Internet users felt that the main role should have gone to an actress older than Carey Mulligan.

The dig on netlix: why the film with carey muligan is controversial?

The Dig, the new film offered exclusively on Netflix, has he been caught in the act of sexist youthism? The feature film by Simon Stone which appeared on the platform on January 29 is indeed the subject of criticism as to the choice of its main actress: some Internet users indeed criticize the role of Edith Pretty, aged 56 in the film , was entrusted to a much younger actress (Mulligan is only 35 years old).

As a reminder, The Dig is the adaptation of the eponymous novel by John Preston, looking back on the life of Edith Pretty, widow passionate about archeology at the origin of the discovery of prestigious treasures buried in her vast property in 1939. According to our colleagues of the Daily Mail, Nicole Kidman (53) should have originally played Edith Pretty, before the role ultimately failed Carey Mulligan. An astonishing choice, due to the significant age difference between the actress and her character (21 years in total).

Already questioned on this subject during the promotion of the feature film, the director Simon Stone had explained that this aspect was of little importance to him, the film having decided to detach itself from the real facts. Words that did not convince, however, it is little to say it, especially as the figures of the roles entrusted to actresses over fifty years are more than evocative: barely 6% on all roles for the year 2016 in France, according to data put forward by the collective AAFA-Tunnel of the 50-year-old Actress.

The Dig movie trailer starring Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes:

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