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The Higher Sports Council has announced this Tuesday that it has already sent the additional documentation required in the complaint to Luis Rubiales to the Administrative Court of Sports (TAD). The Court, which received on Friday at 10:40 p.m. the request to open a file from the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation —provisionally suspended from office by FIFA—, requested more documentation on Monday, considering that, with the information provided, they could not file the Granada leader. The information sent to the TAD consists of the statements issued by the RFEF, the soccer player Jennifer Hermoso and the Futpro union, “as well as the documentation attached to the complaint filed by the Professional Women’s Soccer League,” according to the CSD announcement.

This Tuesday, Miquel Iceta, acting Minister of Culture and Sports, has insisted that the Government has acted as quickly as possible in the management of the Rubiales case. “The Government advances diligently and firmly. We want this matter to be resolved as soon as possible, but rigorously and with all the legal guarantees to prevent an appeal from reversing the decisions made. From the Government we have acted as soon as the legal mechanisms have allowed us to”, the minister insisted. “The Government can act reactively but not preventively,” Iceta assured in response to criticism such as Sumar and Yolanda Díaz for not having acted beforehand to avoid harm to the soccer player.

The complaint prepared by the CSD requested the opening of a file against Rubiales for the non-consented kiss to Jenni Hermoso and for her gesture in the box after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup, understanding that they involve violations of abuse of authority and acts against sporting dignity and decorum. For the CSD, Rubiales committed a “very serious” violation of the Sports Law and the Royal Decree on Sports Discipline.

For now, the TAD has yet to decide whether to initiate proceedings against Rubiales. “Once the court admits our complaint for processing, we can convene the CSD board of directors within 48 hours where we are going to propose the suspension of the former president of the federation until the final resolution of the court is produced,” reported the Minister of Sports .

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