The Cry on Salto: a thriller that “plays with preconceived ideas” according to Jenna Coleman – News Séries on TV

Discovered alongside Matt Smith then Peter Capaldi in “Doctor Who”, Jenna Coleman is now the headliner of “The Cry” on Salto. A gripping and intense mini-series, against a background of the disappearance of a child, which she brings up to our microphone.

Aired in the fall of 2018 in Great Britain, The Cry is finally visible in France thanks to the Salto platform, which recently put online the four episodes of this mini-series for which M6 has acquired the rights. And do not miss this psychological thriller in which a couple faces the worst nightmare of all parents: the disappearance of their child, here a few months old. A starting point that becomes more complex when the suspicions, well helped by the media, turn to the mother.

The latter is embodied by Jenna Coleman, British actress revealed by her role of Clara in Doctor Who, alongside Matt Smith then Peter Capaldi, before lending her features to Queen Victoria in the series of the same name. She changes register again with The Cry and returns to our microphone on this gripping and disturbing story, which revolves around the question “Can a mother really have killed her child?” and plays on points of view to reveal the truth to us.

Interview by Maximilien Pierrette in Paris on January 31, 2019 – Frame: Ando Raminoson – Editing: Constance Mathews

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