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Season 4 of “The Crown” deals in breadth with the conflicting relations of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. However, the series has chosen to ignore the reconstruction of their marriage. Explanations.

It was surely one of the most anticipated sequences of this new season, and yet the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana was ultimately not shown in The Crown. The Netflix series which portrays members of the British royal family had its big hit this Sunday, November 15; among the great novelties of this fourth season, the appearance of Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher, and especially the great debuts in the series of Princess Diana, played by the young actress Emma Corrin.

If the show did not ignore the marital problems between Lady Di and Prince Charles, it was more surprising to find that their marriage was not reconstituted, as others have been. iconic moments such as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in the first season. Broadcast live on July 29, 1981, their nuptials had at the time gathered a billion viewers around the world, one of the best audiences ever recorded on a planetary scale.

In an interview with our colleagues from Hollywood Reporter, Emma Corrin explained why the “wedding of the century” was ultimately not reenacted in the series: “We never recreate things just for fun. I think if we re-enact certain scenes – the engagement for example – it’s because it relates to the lives of the characters. It has to tell a story and move the game forward. plot. La wedding ceremony, you can watch it on YouTube. “

Exit therefore the ceremony, despite its uncertainties which have also made the legend of the princely couple: the slip of Diana who reversed the first names of Charles at the time of the vows, or the decision of the couple to dispense with the vow of obedience, cutting edge so with the more traditional ceremony of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Despite some freedom, the portrait of Lady Di remains largely consistent with the reality of the facts.

The historical series The Crown can be found exclusively on Netflix.

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