The Crown on Netflix: a Marvel superhero almost played Prince Philip – teller report

To resume the role of Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith in the first two seasons of “The Crown”, the production and Netflix had first thought of a comedian other than Tobias Menzies …

There are still many rumors about The Crown in the English tabloids since its launch and it must be admitted that they are often verified. They had notably announced Gillian Anderson in Margaret Thatcher long before it was official. There is one that surfaced in 2018, as the production was preparing to renew the entire cast for season 3, announcing that Netflix wanted comedian Paul Bettany to reprise the role of Prince Philip, then held. by Matt Smith. He was then at the heart of the news between his role of Vision in Avengers: Infinity War and that of Dryden Vos in Solo: A Star Wars Story. But it was ultimately Tobias Menzies who inherited the role.

He later confirmed the information, noting that he had to decline the offer for scheduling reasons: “We discussed it. But I couldn’t because of the wrong dates. That’s all that happened.“However, he specified that he was a fan of the series and that he intended to stay that way! The universe of the series is no longer foreign to him in any case since he played in Manhunt and is expected in January on Disney + in the series Marvel Wandavision, where he reprise his role as a superhero. Paul Bettany is also the hero of the movie Uncle Frank, apparently currently on Amazon Prime Video.

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